Goyard PM vs. GM: Which one to choose?

The Goyard luxury brand is one with a rich heritage that doesn’t depend on or follow fleeting fashion trends. The brand is an expert in travel accessories, including high-quality bags that don’t change with season and trends. Goyard’s most popular bag, Saint Louis, is known for its large size, simplicity, and lightweight. This iconic bag has almost no structure with a basic silhouette and lightness, making it very versatile.

Goyard produces its bags in three sizes, the PM, GM, and XXL, with the XXL being the largest size. If you’re considering buying a Goyard tote and are unsure what size is best for you, keep reading. We will compare the GM and PM sizes, and then you can use that information to choose the best size for you. For instance, the GM, being the larger size, is ideal for the workplace; it is large enough to hold all your essentials.

Goyard PM vs. GM: Dimensions and Uses

The GM and PM of the Goyard tote bag are comparable in size and shape – just like LV’s Neverfull. The PM is typically smaller than the GM and is more suitable for everyday wear, while the GM is better for traveling. The PM and GM used to be referred to as Junior and XXL sizes; these collections were discontinued.

Nevertheless, both sizes are versatile and can fit anywhere, so feel free to choose based on your stature and needs.

The PM dimensions include 34cm L x 15cm W x 28cm H, while the GM has 40cm L x 20cm W x 34cm H. The GM is best used as a travel bag as it can easily hold a thirteen-inch laptop, clothing items, and another bag. Thanks to its waterproof material, it is also great for the beach, easily holding your outdoor products and beach wear. The Goyard GM is also great for mothers as an everyday tote or diaper bag to hold their children’s essentials.

Meanwhile, the Goyard PM is excellent for everyday use owing to its compact size. This size is great for running errands because it can easily hold a small notebook or loose paper with other daily essentials. It can comfortably hold your makeup bags, wallet, and sunglasses – and there’s an extra wiggle room for your keys.

What Is the History of Goyard?

The Goyard brand started in 1792 in the House of Martin; it is the oldest luxury leather brand still in operation. The House of Martin is a French trunk maker that specialized in making and packing trunks that were a favorite among French aristocrats.

After the owner died in 1852, Francois Goyard took over, revolutionizing the brand with new designs that took the world by storm. Since Goyard took over the brand, it has stayed very low-key, even for most celebrities and royals. 

It is pretty impressive for an old brand to keep up with the ideals and values it started with. Even today, Goyard is preserving its iconic branding and print; it still operates under the radar, with no marketing whatsoever. The Goyard brand doesn’t sell its items online or advertise them, yet it is popular in the fashion industry.

Additionally, Goyard’s exclusivity has given it such a prestigious position in the world of designer bags, maintaining its roots and aesthetics.

Is the Goyard Saint Louis Tote Bag Design Any Good?

The Saint Louis bag is one of Goyard’s most iconic and popular pieces; the brand originally created it as a beach tote. The tote bag features an unlined supple Goyardine canvas that gives it a lightweight and reversible feature. You can carry the Saint Louis Tote on its canvas or linen and cotton-weaved side, which would still be beautiful.

The tote has almost no structure, giving you a throw-everything-in-it vibe; its lack of lining reveals the brand’s savoir-faire.

The Saint Louis Tote is loved for its simplicity, but underneath that are many refined details making it the perfect everyday companion. The bag features two Chevroches calfskin handles that are fixed and very thick, thanks to the five handmade stitches.

The bag is versatile in that you can carry it in different styles, including by hand and around the shoulder. You can also carry your Goyard Saint Louis Tote in the crook of your arm as you stroll casually down the street.

The Goyard Saint Louis Tote is very pliable, meaning the size you get doesn’t really change its look. For instance, the Saint Louis GM will appear more compact than another bag of the same dimensions. The bag is best for travel or vacation as you can fold it completely, and it does not stand on its own. Its detachable pochette has a snap button closing system attached to the bag’s handles, making for an easy all-day, everyday carriage.

Goyard PM vs. GM: Color and Price

Both the GM and PM sizes of the Goyard totes come in eleven colors and combinations. That means you have many options to choose from, but understand that the color often determines the price. For instance, you will pay more for a special color – a combination other than black and brown. The most popular colors for the brand’s bags, in general, are classic black/tan and black/black.

Goyard is the go-to brand for affordable bags below $2,000, which can stand the test of time in style and quality. Nevertheless, you can find various colors, including white, gray, yellow, orange, navy blue, burgundy, red, and green.

Furthermore, you can have your tote personalized with numbers, initials, names, and stripe hands painted on the tote bag. You will enjoy this option, particularly if you want a say in how much or little design your bag features.

Meanwhile, the special colors cost more than the classic colors in both the GM and PM sizes. For example, PM classic colors cost $1,225, while the special colors cost $1,595. On the other hand, the classic colors For the GM cost $1,425, while the special colors cost $1,855.


The Goyard brand is a low-key luxury brand that offers great-quality handbags in different sizes, including PM and GM. Both sizes have their uses, with the GM being the larger size and the more expensive option. The PM is the better option for everyday use and the petite frame, while the GM is better suited for travel.

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