Fendi vs. Fenty: Which brand is better?

Fendi and Fenty are two brands often mistaken for each other. Many people believe Fendi is the same as Fenty, but they are two widely different brands. Both brands are different in age, with Fendi being older, style, product ranges, and luxury status. If you have always confused Fenty with Fendi, here is your chance to understand these two brands and how they are different.

In this article, we will consider the difference in the history of Fendi and Fenty, as well as who their creative designers are. Both are iconic brands owned by the luxury French Conglomerate, LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton).

Where Fendi was founded in 1925 and is still in operation today, Fenty was founded in 2017 and was closed down in 2021. Let us compare these two luxury fashion brands with different approaches to fashion and see how exactly they differ.

Fendi vs. Fenty: Which Is Older?

Fendi is many decades older than Fenty; Fendi was founded in 1925, while Fenty was founded in 2017. The history of Fendi started in Rome in 1925 through the designer couple, Adele and Edoardo Fendi.

The brand has always been recognized as a luxurious and opulent brand, famous for its leather goods even today. Fendi started as a family business, with Adele and Edoardo’s daughters fully involved and developing innovative fashion ideas.

Edoardo died in 1946, leaving his wife and daughters to keep the ball rolling; this they did, remaining focused on innovation and beauty. Nineteen years later, in 1965, Karl Lagerfield became the brand’s creative director; he created the signature double “F” motif.

Under Lagerfield’s leadership, Fendi entered the fur market and became one of the most sought-after fur goods ateliers. LVMH took over the brand in 1999 with a string of leaders who turned it into what it is today.

Meanwhile, the Fenty brand started in 2017 but launched in May 2019; Rihanna founded it. Fun fact: “Fenty” is Rihanna’s surname! Through the establishment of the brand, Rihanna became the first woman of color to be added to the group.

The brand was first launched as a pop-up store in Paris on 24 May 2019 and then worldwide as an online store on 29th. However, the Fenty fashion label announced an immediate and indefinite suspension of activities in early 2021.

Fendi vs. Fenty: Difference in Style

Fendi and Fenty choose very different approaches in style, with Fenty more inclined toward a street style in its designs. Fenty is known for having a fast-fashion approach to luxury fashion, which is one of the things that made it popular.

On the other hand, the Fendi fashion brand produces traditional styles; it is also more prestigious than Fenty. Fendi is known to project its tradition and history through its timeless, elegant, trendsetting, and long-lasting fashion styles and designs.

Fendi’s traditional styles match the brand’s Italian heritage – a good example is its collection of leather bags. The bags are elegant yet simple and are designed to match any outfit and stand elegantly on any arm. 

Regarding luxury, Fendi has more luxurious styles than Fenty, although it doesn’t match the likes of LV and Gucci. Also, while Fendi may be seen as a secretive brand with subtle designs, its logo is easily recognizable.

Regarding contemporary styles, Fenty offers a much more modern stream of styles than Fendi. The Fenty brand’s streetwear styles feature beautiful color tones with modern, highly creative outlooks.

Fendi is much more luxurious than Fenty; the latter was still new to the industry. The Fenty brand had yet to start competing before it was shut down in February 2021.

Is Fenty Worth It?

The Fenty brand is known to have been inspired by Rihanna’s fashion taste and styles, which you can see from the outfits. The Fenty brand offers a peculiar taste of luxury, its street style outfits emitting sophistication and class.

If you are into sophisticated but simple streetwear styles, you might find Fenty worth investing in. Considering that the items are created by the iconic French luxury group LVMH, you know you are getting quality.

Apart from the streetwear styles, Fenty also offers camel suits and oversized blazers that are also perfect for the streets. Meanwhile, the brand is known to experiment with more creative and out-there designs, including a denim corset and dual fabric hoodie dresses.

These fashion pieces feature beautiful silhouettes and unexpected lines, giving them a bold and appealing appearance.

Is Fendi Owned by Rihanna?

Fenty is Rihanna’s last name; she has been using the name for her ventures outside the music industry. Rihanna does not own Fendi; she is the founder and owner of the now-discontinued Fenty brand, also known as Fenty Beauty. Rihanna entered an agreement with LVMH to produce her beauty products, making it part of the luxury group. Thus, the Fenty group is (or was) also a part of LVMH along with Fendi, Givenchy, and Dior.

Rihanna trademarked her surname in 2014 for future business purposes, two of which are Fenty Fashion and Fenty Beauty. In an interview with New York Times Magazine in 2019, Rihanna commented on her agreement with LVMH.

The partnership was a big deal for her, but more exciting was that she was the first black woman to work with LVMH. According to her, it was an unbelievable dream that made her proud of her achievements.

When she launched the brand, she emphasized that her products are for women of all sizes, colors, and shapes. She produced the Savage X Fenty fashion show in 2018, which impacted the fashion industry greatly.

The New York Times Style Magazine previewed the Fenty Brand, where Rihanna wore several of the products in her first collection. Additionally, the brand became the first new clothing, perfumes, shoes, and accessories producer under LVMH since 1987.


Often confused with each other, Fendi and Fenty are two significantly different brands offering different ranges of items. For instance, Fendi offers clutches, shoulder bags, wallets, belt bags, bucket bags, mini bags, Boston bags, backpacks, and Pochettes.

On the other hand, Fenty is more focused on wardrobe accessories, producing streetwear clothing and accessories. Fendi is the go-to brand for more traditional, timeless, and trendy items, while Fenti is the best option for high-fashion streetwear.

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