Faure Le Page vs. Moynat: Which brand to choose?

Faure Le Page and Moynat are both French luxury leather goods companies with a deep-rooted historical heritage spanning centuries.

They are two of the world’s most recognizable luxury fashion brands; these two brands are often compared to each other. Faure Le Page and Moynat produce iconic tote bags with distinct monograms, each having their interpretation of totes. If you’re considering your options of luxury brands, they are, without a doubt, worthy of consideration.

However, the reason you’re reading this comparison is to decide which one you should go for between the two. Thus, it is a battle of which brand has the better quality, lasts longer, and is generally the best. In this article, we will compare the history of the two brands as well as their quality, style, and price points.

You can use this article as a buying guide to help you decide which brand to go for.

Faure Le Page Designs vs. Moynat Designs

Faure Le Page is world-renowned as a brand for European nobles; it continues to play a distinct role in French fashion’s history. Faure Le Page stands on its own; it doesn’t follow the fashion calendar, instead following its path and staying relevant.

One of Faure’s most iconic designs is the Daily Battle tote; it has an effortlessly practical, structured, but supple design. The tote features a superior interior and slender leather handles that fit perfectly on the arm or over the shoulder.

Faure Le Page has always used the Ecailles scale motif as its signature; the motif confers allure and power to its wearers. As the name implies, the Daily Battle tote is designed for warriors who can battle on any terrain.

Meanwhile, the Moynat brand features classic and elegant styles that’ll stand out among other classic and elegant styles. Moynat is careful in its choice of materials and artisans; full-time artists work tirelessly to produce timeless classics.

One of Moynat’s iconic items, the Oh Tote, features a durable, reinforced linen and cotton canvas blend. The Oh Tote is a mainstay in Moynat’s monogram canvas collection, offering a perfect combination of elegance and functionality.

Faure Le Page vs. Moynat: Comparing History

The history of Faure Le Page started in 1717 when it first started as a firearms producer. Thus, Faure Le Page is much older than Moynat; it isn’t as popular as Louis Vuitton, but it is also a prestigious brand. Louis Pigny founded the Faure Le Page brand, and the brand remained a family-owned enterprise until 1913.

The brand name wasn’t always Faure Le Page; it was also named Pigny, Le page, and le Page Moutier. The Faure Le Page brand was known to supply weapons to dignitaries and the revolutionary forces during the French Revolution.

Faure Le Page made leather goods, although it was only restricted to firearms-related products like gun holsters and hunting accessories. It ventured into accessories and bags in 2009 but still pays homage to its roots through gun-shaped signature pochettes.

Faure Le Page was a very quiet brand until Augustin de Buffevent purchased it in 2011. He closed down the brand’s first-ever store on rue de Richelieu in Paris and opened a new one on rue Cambon.

On the other hand, Moynat began operation in 1840 in Paris, making trunks, and staying under the radar. Francois Coulembier and Octavie opened the brand’s first-ever atelier in Paris, after which Pauline Moynat joined them.

Pauline Moynat was a specialist in travel goods; together, they opened the first store of avenue de l’Opera. The Moynat brand is renowned for being one of the first leather goods houses of its day.

The brand supplied top-notch trunks and travel accessories to high-standing nobles and society Parisians in the nineteenth century. Pauline was especially known for her style and craftsmanship; her trunks traveled to every corner of the world.

Unfortunately, the Moynat brand closed down in 1976; LVMH purchased it in 2010, putting it under the capable hands of Ramesh Nair.

Is Faure Le Page More Durable Than Moynat?

Moynat and Faure Le Page are meticulous when it comes to the manufacturing process of their products. For instance, Faure Le Page takes its products through a labor-intensive process that demands the intricate hands of a virtuoso.

Faure Le Page totes feature the brand’s signature Ecailles scale pattern, which the artisan screen-prints onto the canvas’s weaves in steps. The artisan must use different stencils to ensure the screen is perfectly aligned.

This process is ridiculously complex, but Faure Le Page artisans are well equipped to pull it off. This manufacturing process, among other things, contributes to the durability of the brand’s fashion pieces.

On the other hand, Moynat is particular about artisanal craftsmanship; its manufacturing techniques have helped it to stay relevant today. Only one Moynat artisan is responsible for crafting one product by hand, which takes three to seven days.

Moynat Oh Tote, for instance, features a double-lined toile canvas interior, whereas most designer totes are only single-lined. It also features thick-coated monogram canvas and highly sturdy, well-stitched leather straps – and it is lightweight.

The complicated process ensures the fashion pieces maintain their integrity over a long period. Nevertheless, Moynat also has outstanding quality and is therefore extensively durable; it’s a tough choice.

Faure Le Page vs. Moynat: Which Is More Popular?

One thing Faure Le Page and Moynat have in common is they both operate under the radar. However, Faure Le Page is probably more popular than Faure Le Page, thanks to Augustin Buffevent’s efforts.

Neither Faure Le Page nor Moynat spares any effort in marketing; they don’t let the public dictate their manufacturing. However, it is easier to get information on Faure Le Page today than on Moynat, even if not much.

Conclusion: Which Should You Buy?

Faure Le Page is known for its gun-making heritage and its muted and slightly deeper colors. However, Moynat stands out with its combination of Hermes’s sophistication and Louis Vuitton’s quality and heritage. In quality, Moynat is on par with Hermes, one of the most sophisticated brands in the industry.

That probably means Moynat has better quality than Faure Le Page, but the complicated manufacturing process of the latter disagrees. Fare Le Page and Moynat are great brands worth investing in; your personal preference is what matters at the end of the day.

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