Emery Rose Review: What you need to know

Emery Rose is a fast-rising fashion brand specializing in female clothing and accessories. The brand is still new to the fashion industry, but its popularity is growing rapidly, particularly on social media.

One of the reasons for the fast rise in popularity may be due to the quality of their service and product. If you wonder if the buzz around Emery Rose is warranted or just noise, this article is for you.

We have researched on your behalf and put together this review of the Emery Rose brand. We will consider what customers say about the brand, but we recommend you look beyond those. While reviews are a great pointer to the credibility and worth of a brand, they can’t be the only deciding factor.

Thus, although most reviews are positive, we recommend you do personal research before deciding.

What Is the Emery Rose Brand All About?

Emery Rose is a fashion retailer that deals in hundreds of quality products at incredibly cheap prices. The international business-to-customer fashion e-commerce company focuses mainly on women’s wear but also offers accessories, bags, shoes, home décor, and other fashion pieces.

The brand focuses on trendy fashion pieces for the upcoming seasons, ensuring you stay updated with the latest celebrity styles. Being a new brand, Emery Rose still targets the American market, but it is steadily growing to expand globally.

Emery Rose offers uniquely-designed fashion wear and accessories of great quality and at very affordable prices. The brand’s mission is to ensure everyone enjoys the beauty of fashion, hence the low prices on their items.

The brand prides itself on being the ultimate one-stop shop for modern but economic pieces, providing on-trend styles for fashion enthusiasts of all ages. Thus, whether you are looking for patterned blouses, boho dresses, chic swimwear, and graphic tees, Emery Rose has them all.

The brand offers affordable but innovative designs to keep heads turning, giving its customers the chance to experience inspirational fashion. With its extensive clothing line and varieties of accessories, you can purchase an entire look from Emery Rose.

What Is Great About Emery Rose?

First off, Emery Rose’s items are incredibly cheap; this may mean they have inferior quality, but not at all. While Emery Rose’s quality cannot compare with the quality of higher-end affordable brands, the quality is still impressive.

Another thing that makes Emery Rose unique is the variety of styles and products it offers. According to the brand’s official website, over nineteen thousand items are separated into different categories.

The brand diligently focuses on satisfying customers’ needs with trendy and stylish products. Furthermore, over one thousand new fashion items arrive at the brand’s boutiques worldwide weekly. Additionally, Emery Rose offers a variety of payment methods for its customers’ convenience and to ensure payment security.

Another impressive quality of the brand is the fastness of their delivery; it works with internationally renowned logistics companies. With its partnership with these excellent logistics services, Emery Rose can table different shipping options to fit its customers’ needs.

Additionally, you might have noticed how often we keep referring to “customers.” That is because Emery Rose has a team of professionals at the helm of its customer service.

Each professional is dedicated to satisfying the consumer’s needs and providing support before and after sales. Meanwhile, if what you got is not what you expected or wanted, the brand has a 45-day stress-free return policy.

Is Emery Rose Popular?

Although a new brand and still growing in fame, Emery Rose is already more popular than some older brands. There are a few reasons for this popularity, the high quality and reasonable pricing of its items for one.

Emery Rose’s fashion items are pretty high in quality, particularly when considering that it is a fast-fashion retailer. Of course, you cannot expect its quality to be as high as Faure le Page or Fendi, but still.

Another reason for the Emery Rose brand’s growing fame is that it offers stylish and on-trend designs that aren’t too trendy or flashy. Emery Rose is the go-to brand for fashion items that make a statement without making noise. It is a great brand to patronize if you want stylish but not flashy and elegant but simple dresses.

It also has a beautiful line of accessories to go with the dresses to help you create a complete, exquisite look.

Lastly, Emery Rose is popular because of the friendly and trustworthy service members at its disposal. As you already know, the status of a brand isn’t worth much if its customer service is quack.

Meanwhile, a lower-quality brand can boost its reputation with great customer service. Emery Rose is operated by honest professionals genuinely interested in the brand’s customers’ needs.

Is the Emery Rose Brand Worth It?

Although the reviews on the brand aren’t all positive, most suggest that the brand is worth patronizing. According to the customer reviews, there appear to be mixed reactions toward the brand. Some have commented that they had experienced great customer service and got the items they expected.

Some say the brand’s customer service representatives weren’t much help, stating they were confusing and unhelpful.

However, the number of people who had positive things to say about Emery Rose outweighs the negative. Thus, it is safe to say the brand is legit, with its reasonably-priced on-trend designs and honest customer care representatives.

Nevertheless, whether or not you should buy from Emery Rose will depend on your preference, style, and lifestyle. We recommend that you give it a try, considering the reasonable pricing and high quality of the brand’s items.


Most of the reviews on Emery Rose are positive; the brand’s audience loves its affordable yet good-quality items. If you appreciate stylish designs, don’t negotiate with the quality of your attire, and appreciate on-trend pieces, you can try Emery Rose.

The brand has an online portal that is easily accessible to everyone and 24/7 customer service to cater to customers’ needs. Furthermore, the brand offers 15% off on your first purchase, and there are multiple convenient ways of paying for purchases.

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