Coach VS Michael Kors – Which brand to choose?

Coach and Michael Kors brands are big names in the fashion industry; they’ve ruled it for decades. Both companies specialize in handbags and other fashion items and are commonly seen on men’s and women’s arms.

Both brands have taken a bit of an ego hit as fashion took a turn in trends and fashion popularity. But, they are gradually making their way back to the top, with one trying to outrun the other.

The question of which is better between Coach and Michael Kors ultimately depends on personal preference in quality, design, size, and prices. Overall, both brands provide reliable fashionable handbags.

Is Michael Kors More Expensive than Coach?

No, Michael Kors is not more expensive than Coach; the reverse is the case. There is a significant difference between the price points of Coach’s fashion products and Michael Kors’. For one, Coach is much older than Michael Kors and has more experience in fashion productions and the likes. But, apart from experience and age, Coach has a range of solid, high-quality items known to last for years.

Michael Kors is trying, but its quality doesn’t match Coach’s, so it is less expensive. Nevertheless, both brands offer luxury items; that Michael Kors’ items are less expensive doesn’t mean they are cheap. Both brands are iconic luxury brands offering nice, high-quality fashion pieces made with the best materials. 

Michael Kors and Coach are great options for stylish, trendy, timeless, and elegant luxury products.

Major Difference Between Coach and Michael Kors

The major difference between Coach and Michael Kors is the range of products they offer. On the one hand, Coach is largely focused on handbags and accessories. On the other hand, Michael Kors is completely focused on fashion and added handbags; its accessories are an extension of its clothing lines.

Coach has a more streamlined product line and more years in the cloth-making business; it is known exclusively for high-quality leather bags. When it comes to class, Coach bags are more classic and refined than Michael Kors handbags, and they are versatile.

You can use Coach bags every day and on different occasions; they are as perfect for a Saturday outing as for a formal dinner. Meanwhile, Michael Kors is renowned for being a brand that is a jack of all trades. Michael Kors has a wider range of products than Coach, with items ranging from sweaters to jeans and handbags to sunglasses.

One thing that sets Michael Kors apart from Coach is that it creates a lifestyle feeling for its customers.

Coach vs. Michael Kors: Who Makes Better Designer Bags?

It’s a hard choice, seeing as both Coach and Michael Kors make high-quality handbags. But, let’s be honest, Coach has been making bags longer than Michael Kors has, so that counts for something. Both brands make handbags featuring different styles, including totes and clutches; the fact that their styles are not the same makes comparison harder.

Looking at both brands’ bags critically, we see that Coach makes the bags better – we’d be disappointed if they didn’t. Coach’s handbag collections are part of its flagship items and a set they take much pride in. The bags are made with leather that features noticeable, impressive craftsmanship and incredible quality. All Coach’s bags feature the iconic “C” print pattern that makes them instantly recognizable and appreciated worldwide.

Meanwhile, Michael Kors handbags are also high-quality, as we’ve already established; they are generally more fashion-forward than Coach’s handbags. Coach’s style is timeless, but Michael Kors’ is trendy; the latter introduces a wide range of new designs every season.

Coach bags are more exclusive than Michael Kors’ bags as far as exclusivity goes. The latter’s logo has been so widely used that it seems the brand now serves a wider audience with more affordable pricing.

Michael Kors vs. Coach: How Are They Similar?

Coach Bag

Both Michael Kors and Coach are affordable luxury brands; this is the most prominent similarity. They offer a wide range of luxurious but accessible handbags, clothing, wallets, sunglasses, shoes, and other accessories. They both make canvas and leather items with their distinctive logo patterns, which are iconic in the fashion industry. Both brands’ logos have become a symbol in the fashion world.

In addition, it is pretty easy to purchase Coach and Michael Kors items from online retailers, at local department stores, and the brands’ sales outlets. They both make products with high-quality materials, making them some of the most preferred among fashion enthusiasts.

Both are classified as mid-level designer brands and are popular, even if their popularity is for different reasons. The similarities between both brands make choosing which brand to go for more challenging.

Coach vs. Michael Kors: What Is So Special About Them?

On one end of the spectrum, Coach is known for its impressive collection of high-quality handbags. The bags are known for their sturdy construction, thanks to the high-grade leather and stringent manufacturing standards they follow.

Coach’s handbags feature skillful and exquisite crafting and design; they maintain their beautiful silhouette even after years of use. The bags typically boast high-quality construction with their stylish and bold colors that make the bags stand out.

On the other hand, Michael Kors’ handbags are elegant and high quality, also featuring sturdy construction and impressive styling. The brand is known for its elegant bag collections, watches, jewelry, ready-to-wear, and different types of accessories.

The great quality of Michael Kors’ products makes it special, as well as the uniqueness and simplicity of its trendy items. Most of Michael Kors’ success comes from the accessibility status of its items; it is largely considered an affordable luxury brand.


Coach and Michael Kors are great brands and pillars in the fashion industry. While comparing both brands is hard, you can compare; for instance, Coach is older and therefore has more experience than Michael Kors. Their style also differs; if you want trendy items, Michael Kors is your brand, but Coach is the go-to brand for timeless pieces.

Their price ranges also differ because Coach is more expensive than Michael Kors. As for quality and exclusivity, Coach wins. While everything points to the idea that Coach is better than Michael Kors, we need to understand that their goals aren’t the same.

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