Chanel Classic Flap Small vs. Medium: Which bag is better?

The Chanel Classic Flap is undoubtedly one of the brand’s most iconic purses and one of the oldest designs. The designer bag comes in different sizes, colors, materials, and styles that are loved and rushed by fashion enthusiasts worldwide. The Chanel Classic Flap comes in six sizes, which can be confusing; most people don’t know which size is best for them. If that is you, then you will find this comparison guide of the small and medium sizes very helpful.

First, let us reassure you that you are making a good investment by purchasing the Chanel Classic Flap. The bag’s gorgeous silhouette, regardless of the size, is one of the things fashion lovers praise it for. Also, the bag is durable, high-quality, and timeless; it will make a fine addition to any wardrobe. Nevertheless, it can be hard to tell the difference between the Classic Flap small and medium.

Chanel Classic Flap Small vs. Medium: Which One Can Hold More Items?

The medium Classic Flap is a few inches bigger than the small, so naturally, it can hold more items. Nevertheless, the difference between the items the small and medium can hold is only two to three items. The small and medium sizes of the Chanel Classic Flap are hard to differentiate unless you put them side by side. We could give you the numbers, but it won’t do much; we would rather compare them using their applications.

The medium Classic Flap can hold more items than the small; it can comfortably hold a standard purse with other items. The small Classic Flap can also hold the purse, but the space left can only take a few more essentials. For instance, after putting the eight-inch wallet, the small size has only enough room to take keys, lipstick, and a phone. Meanwhile, the medium will take the purse, keys, lipstick, your phone, and a couple more essential items.

Thus, before you buy the purse, you should consider what you want to use it for. Meanwhile, if you have a more compact wallet, less than 8” long, there will be more room for extra items. 

What Is the History of the Chanel Classic Flap?

The first design of the Classic Flap bag came into existence in 1929 when Coco Chanel created and modeled it. She put the story of her orphanage years in the bag; its interior has the same color as the orphanage’s caretakers’ uniforms. The brand surged in popularity in the 50s, and Coco redesigned the bag, reintroducing it in 1955. The redesigned Chanel Classic Flap was released to the market in February 1955, becoming the 2.55 bag.

Today’s Chanel Classic Flap has a different outlook from the one designed in1929 and the redesigned model in 1955. It has undergone many subtle changes and tweaks to make it fit more into the trend of modern fashion. Karl Lagerfeld made a few changes in the bag’s leather and chain strap in the 80s, like the CC turnlock. In 2005, the brand launched the bag’s reissue, featuring the original lock Coco used and the CC Karl Lagerfeld used.

Meanwhile, there is a debate about who exactly is responsible for changing the bag’s design, whether Coco or Karl. Additionally, Chanel stopped producing the Classic Flap bag with 24 karat gold hardware, which had a richer, darker gold tone.

Is the Chanel Classic Flap Still Worth It Today?

The Chanel Classic Flap has a timeless design that made waves in the 50s and is still popular today. The bag’s hardware, featuring gold or silver, is classic and complements any outfit, especially when it has a neutral color. The bag comes in different materials, including caviar, lambskin, leather, and a combination of caviar and leather finishes. Although it is one of the most expensive bags, the Classic Flap bag is still worth it today, even after many decades.

Provided you don’t put too many items in the bag, you can wear them for a long time without discomfort. Furthermore, the featured chain strap is very comfortable, although it appears like it would dig into bare shoulders. Also, the bag has many compartments to hold several essential items; the number of items it can hold depends on its size. In the medium, for instance, you can stash receipts, lipsticks and glosses, and even an iPhone 8+ in the compartments.

The Chanel Classic Flap is expensive but very much worth it. Moreover, you can always buy the pre-loved one if you cannot afford the high price of a new one. However, before you buy a pre-loved Chanel bag, ensure you’re getting the authentic one. Stick to reputable sellers, watch out for funky colors or designs, and be careful of refinished, painted, or dyed bags.

Chanel Classic Flap Small vs. Medium: Which One Is Best For You?

To decide which of the sizes is best for you, you want to consider your use for the bag. Consider how much the bag can hold before you buy it; if you have more items, consider the medium size. Your frame will also determine, although not by much, since both bags are not that different in size. We especially love the Chanel Classic Flap medium because it is not too big or too small; it’s an all-event bag.

Also, consider the hardware on the bag; it comes with silver and gold hardware options. It may seem insignificant, but the hardware color ultimately determines how the bag will look on you. The silver hardware, for example, is more durable than the gold; it is also more modern and younger-looking. The gold, however, looks classy when combined with black leather; it is often considered classic and luxurious.

Furthermore, Chanel Classic Flap with gold hardware is more common than silver, although it peels and becomes silver as time passes. Also, the color of your jewelry will determine how well the hardware color complements your skin tone. You should choose a hardware color that perfectly complements your jewelry and skin tone.


The Chanel Classic Flap small and medium sizes are two of the six sizes in which the bag comes. If you want a bag you can use for a quick errand, and the medium is better on formal occasions, like a dinner date. If you only want a compact purse to hold your purse and a few items, you can get the Classic Flap small size. Most people prefer the medium because it is big enough to hold a considerable number of essentials while staying compact.

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