Celine VS Prada: Which brand to choose?

Celine and Prada are iconic fashion houses in the industry, known for some outstanding successes that sent the world reeling. Both brands are world-renowned and valued handbag brands whose products are loved and used by thousands.

Their products are popular because they feature elegance, quality, and durability – and all a fashion lover could ever want. Both are luxury brands with famous fashion products that have graced the bodies of celebrities and prominent individuals in society.

Choosing between Celine and Prada may be tough if you know little to nothing about them. Thus, we believe this comparison article between both brands can help you make a decision.

Celine vs. Prada: Which Brand is Older?

Prada is thirty-two years older than Celine, which means it has more experience where fashion is concerned. The House of Prada was formed in 1913 by Mario Prada, with its first store opened in Milan, Italy. Mario Prada ran the store, selling travel accessories, steamers, trunks, and a wide variety of leather products. The brand entered the spotlight in 1919 when it was awarded the honorary title of the Italian Royal House’s Official Supplier.

Mario’s daughter, Luisa Prada, took control of the brand from him, despite his belief that women had no place in the workplace. Luisa contributed greatly to Prada’s success today, running the business for nearly twenty years.

Meanwhile, Celine and Richard Vapiana created the Celine brand in 1945 as a made-to-measure children’s shoe business. It changed its business positioning by focusing on women’s ready-to-wear clothing with a sportswear approach. Bernard Arnault later integrated the brand into the LVMH group in 1996 after he bought into its capital. However, Vapiana remained the brand’s designer for a year, while Michael Kors was named its fashion designer.

In this round of the battle of which brand has more experience in the fashion industry, Prada wins. However, more experience doesn’t always mean a brand is better; perhaps comparing one of each brand’s iconic bags will.

Prada East West vs. Celine Phantom

We will be comparing the Prada East West and Celine Phantom from different angles, including structure, dimensions, storage, and detail. The Prada East West is designed on one specific color scheme and design with soft black lambskin leather.

The design is similar to Celine’s Phantom in that you can push it inside to give it a small tote look. The bag features two handles and measures approximately 17” x 10.5” x 6”; the handles have a shoulder drop of 5.5”.

The East West doesn’t have the front pocket zipper, which is okay considering its huge interior. It has a more oval circumference than the square design of the Phantom.

The Prada East West doesn’t feature Prada’s chic simple lines; it has silver-tone hardware, and studded accents within the bag’s inside top trim. Thanks to the soft lambskin leather, it has a soft, smooth feel to the touch and a light sheen to the fabric.

Meanwhile, the Celine Phantom features a solid square structure with wings that expands more than the East West’s. It is a bit heavier than Prada’s East West but with thicker and sturdier leather than Prada’s.

Celine’s Phantom can withstand more wear than the East West because it doesn’t have soft lambskin leather. This Phantom measures 13” x 12” x 14” with the wings closed, which is larger in width and depth than Prada’s East West.

The Celine bag has a small zipped compartment at the front but fewer compartments than the Prada tote. It features curved lines, stitching, elongated zipper pulls, and interior straps that set it apart from most totes. The Phantom’s interior lining, structure, and design make it more luxurious than Prada East West’s red leather.

Is Prada a Good Brand?

Prada is an over-one-hundred-year-old good brand that began as a high-end leather store in Milan. The Prada name is a household name in the fashion industry and one of the most recognized.

The brand made its mark as a leather accessory producer that expanded by buying other popular luxury brands. Prada staked its claim as a brand under the leadership of its owner as one that upended the typical perceptions of high fashion.

Prada represents its owners’ dream of making high fashion accessible to the public through its charity organization, the Prada Foundation. The brand is made for playful and bright styles; its clothing typically features bold floral and animal prints, jewel-toned colors, and flowing fabrics.

The clothes are lightweight and easy to wear, and its bags and shoes are colorful and comfortable. Prada appeals to young-generation buyers, not fashionistas who favor classical, demure, or understated looks.

How Can You Authenticate an Original Prada Tote?

You can authenticate an original Prada tote in different ways, the biggest giveaway being the iconic logo. Here are four obvious ways you can spot a fake Prada tote bag:

  1. Check the “R” in the Prada logo; its right leg should be angled outward from the rest of the letters. Also, the “R” has a curved, notched-out space hinged to the rest of the body. If the bag’s logo has a straight-legged R or lacks the details described, you’re likely dealing with a knockoff.
  2. Every original Prada comes with a sealed authenticity card showing its serial number, style information, and care booklets. The font on the dust bag print and authenticity card must be the same as the one used throughout the bag.
  3. There should be an interior plaque; they may differ according to style but are present in all Prada totes.
  4. The bag’s hardware and zippers should be sturdy and high quality, which can be stainless steel or gold-plated. They should equally have the Prada name engravings, readable and properly spaced.


Prada and Celine are great fashion brands for bags, shoes, clothing, and accessories. While Prada has more experience than Celine, being older, the latter has better designs and innovative styles. Celine is generally considered more functional than Prada, and its bags are known to accentuate anything you wear perfectly. Celine is your go-to brand if you need the classical and sophisticated Parisian style.

As we said earlier, experience doesn’t always mean better; Celine bags are generally preferred to Prada’s. However, personal preference is what matters at the end of the day.

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