Celine VS Hermes: Which brand is better?

Celine is a great brand but still very far from Hermes’ level in more ways than one. First off, Hermes is ranked number six on the Luxury & Premium ranking as of 2021, while Celine is ranked 34th. Celine has good items worth the investment, even if they come behind Hermes when it comes to quality, style, and designs. Hermes is one of the top leading fashion labels globally, known worldwide for its iconic and exorbitantly expensive items.

Celine is like the cheaper version of Hermes; the latter has more quality and exclusivity and is more popular. However, Celine is a good brand for high-quality bags at affordable ranges – at least more affordable than Hermes, Gucci, or LV.

Celine vs. Hermes: Which Brand Has Quality Better?

In the quality battle between Celine and Hermes, Hermes wins hands down. To start with, all of Hermes’s handbags are handcrafted by the best artisans in the industry. Each bag goes through a thorough manufacturing process and quality check before being released for sale. Hermes has its reputation because of the quality of its products; each bag has its own designer.

Celine items feature great quality, no questions asked, but the brand still comes years behind on Hermes’s quality. Celine uses pure, high-quality leather like lambskin and lizard skin to design leather products.

Celine’s materials are sourced from the best suppliers in the industry to ensure the items produced to portray the status the brand stands for. Celine is surely a worthy investment for designer bags in the 2k-3k dollars range; they feature great quality for their prices.t

There is no comparison between Celine’s quality and Hermes’s because they are just not on the same level. Which brand you patronize ultimately depends on your pocket. Hermes is a great choice if you have $10,000 and don’t mind spending it on a designer bag. However, if you need high-quality designer products but are not willing to spend that much, Celine is definitely the brand to patronize.

Can Celine Ever Be On Par with Hermes?

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Celine says it is cutting back on production and hiking its prices to bring it to par with Hermes. Celine has the makings of a great brand – it already is; maybe in a few years, it can be like Hermes. However, right now, Celine still has ways to go before it can match up to Hermes. It can measure up as far as exclusivity goes; however, it will take more than exclusivity to level up with Hermes.

Hermes records more sales than Celine annually for a brand that sells products at ridiculously high prices. That may be because Hermes’s target audience trusts it to give them only the best designer items.

Moreover, Celine doesn’t offer support like Hermes; the assumption is that it doesn’t trust its items enough to do that. Hermes trusts its items and stands solidly behind them, providing repairs and customer support as needed.

Celine is a brand worth investing in and may get to where Hermes is right now in a few years. However, it will have to do more than hike prices and cut down on production. 

Most of Celine’s customers are fine with the price range, believing that its items are worth the price tag on them. However, if the brand will be hiking prices, it will need to hike its quality level as well – maybe as high as Hermes’s.

Celine Box vs. Hermes Constance


The Celine Box and Hermes Constance are iconic bags from iconic brands different in prices, styles, and quality. A used Hermes Constance bag in crocodile leather will cost you as high as $12,000; the new one is retailed at $36,000. A 23-cm Celine box sells for about $2,800 to $4000 on average on the resale market.

The Celine box bag comes in different sizes, ranging from 7” width to 11” width. Celine’s box bag has bigger depth than Hermes’s Constance, letting you fit more of your belongings.

Hermès Constance Mini | Hermes constance bag, Street style bags, Hermes  handbags

Meanwhile, the “H” logo on the Constance is more obvious and recognizable; Celine isn’t much of a logo-centric brand. Hermes’s Constance is a great choice if you don’t mind the price tag.

Celine is a perfect choice, especially if you’re a fan; the bag comes in different shapes, sizes, and colors. The Box is also more affordable and has more options than the Constance, which only comes in Patent leather.

How Can You Authenticate a Hermes Birkin Bag?

Professionals authenticate a Hermes Birkin in different ways, including through the bag’s shape and proportions. Hermes is often counterfeited like every other high-end designer brand in the world. If you want the real Hermes bag, use these methods to check its authenticity:

  • The shape and proportions: A typical Hermes bag has an exquisite look, crisp and elegant lines, and luxurious and easily recognizable silhouettes. If you’re buying a Hermes Birkin, it should have rigid handles that can stay upright on their own with no problem. It should be extra rigid with a luxurious weight and metal feet on which it sits; the bag should not slouch.
  • Stitching and pattern: Every Hermes leather product features the brand’s special stitching time called “saddle stitching.” Since they are handmade, the bags’ stitching should naturally have some imperfections. Perfect stitching indicates the use of a machine, which means the bag is a counterfeit.
  • Material and scent: Original Hermes leather has a distinct scent that remains with the bag no matter how long you’ve used it. Counterfeits can replicate the design, logo, and sturdiness, but not the brand’s proprietary leather treatment. The chemical scent finishing of real Hermes leather is an instant giveaway for authentication.


Comparing Celine and Hermes is unfair to the former, especially since the latter has been around longer. Both Hermes and Celine are known for status and premium quality, but Hermes has higher quality than Celine. Celine is a good brand for high-quality designer items that offer luxury to an extent and are still affordable. By “affordable,” we mean it doesn’t cost as high as the 10,000-dollar mark on Hermes’s items.

Celine is a great brand that can measure up to Hermes if it is willing to go all the way. Until then, Hermes is still the better brand, offering more exclusivity, quality, and of course, higher price.

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