Celine vs. CLN: Which brand to choose?

Celine is a French luxury fashion brand based in Paris and one of the best in the world. It is known to market products ranging from expensive watches to designer clothing, from exclusive totes to high-quality sneakers.

Celine bags are a luxury to own, each piece signifying style and status, the collection featuring timeless classics beyond trends. The Celine brand has been a significant luxury fashion player for nearly eight decades, churning classic styles that defy trends.

Meanwhile, CLN is a Philippine brand, one of the most popular fashion retailers in the Philippines. The CLN brand is famous for producing high-quality shoes, clothing, and accessories that fit your wardrobe like they were made for it.

Since it started over forty years ago, it has been churning out comfortable and fashion-forward fashion pieces. So if you’re torn between deciding which of these two brands to go for, maybe this comparison article can help.

Celine vs. CLN: Are They the Same?

Celine is different from CLN; Celine started many decades before CLN, and they are based in different places. But, of course, being based in different places doesn’t mean they aren’t the same – after all, Louis Vuitton has many branches.

As a result, Celine is sometimes shortened as CLN, but both brands’ values, history, and products are marginally different. For instance, CLN started in 1978 at Escolta Street as a fifty-square meter boutique, while Celine was founded in 1945.

Additionally, the Celine brand is a French fashion house that majors in ready-to-wear and leather goods. LVMH, the French Conglomerate, acquired the Celine brand in 1996; it has been under the group ever since. The brand’s headquarters are based at 16 rue Vivienne at the Hotel Colbert de Torcy in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris.

Celine is well-known for its logo, which is a classic red elephant; Raymont Peynet created the logo.

On the other hand, the CLN brand is a major fashion brand in the Philippines; it is the dominant women’s Filipino brand. The brand started as a small shoe boutique but has grown prominent through hard work and dedication.

The CLN brand evolved from a simple store to one of the most popular and appreciated Filipino fashion retailers. The CLN brand has over seventy locations nationwide and a large, ever-growing fanbase.

Celine vs. CLN: Battle of Quality

First, Celine and CLN don’t offer the same items. Where Celine is known for producing ready-to-wear and leather luxury goods, CLN is known for its footwear, clothing, and accessories. However, clothing is one thing they both have in common; thus, we will compare the quality of their clothing lines.

Celine clothing collections are a wardrobe staple, known for their durability, versatility, and ability to never go out of style. Part of what makes Celine ready-to-wear such a classic is that they are made of carefully-crafted materials.

The materials used in making Celine clothing are carefully hand-selected and crafted; the clothes are designed to last. The luxuriousness of the materials Celine’s clothing is made of also explains why they are so expensive.

Meanwhile, CLN clothes are also exceptional and characterized by the high-quality materials from which they are made. CLN clothes are designed by some of the best designers in the industry; the brand is proud of its fine work.

In addition, CLN only works with skilled and talented artisans, which explains why their collections are flawless and perfect. CLN’s clothing collection comprises skirts, blouses, and dresses, all featuring a feminine touch.

Celine vs. CLN: Battle of Style

The CLN brand offers a power trio of accessories, shoes, and clothing, offering customers an entire ensemble they can proudly wear. The brand’s goal is to cater to the different tastes and styles of Filipina women through its simple yet elegant clothing.

CLN dresses, skirts, and blouses are modern yet classic and strong yet nurturing; they are magnificent and exquisite. Each CLN clothing piece complements its shoe collection perfectly, which consists of sandals, flats, and wedge heels.

Moreover, CLN bags are exotic and complement any chic and elegant outfit, especially if they are CLNs. The brand’s styles focus on offering fashion consumers a solution that will take their style to another level.

Meanwhile, Celine’s styles are hip, trendy, and re-vamped; the brand is known for luxurious but minimalistic styles for contemporary women. For instance, Celine’s bags are designed to perfectly embody the effortless exoticness and sophistication of today’s Parisian style.

Phoebe Philo, the brand’s creative director, has turned the brand into a stylish It-girl alternative to flashier labels. Celine products have minimalistic silhouettes, are versatile in design and functionality, and always stay on trend.

Celine is skilled when it comes to merging timeless designer staples with fresh creative, and original details. A Celine handbag, for instance, will elevate any formal or casual outfit, thanks to its exquisite construction and versatility.

Is CLN a Good Brand?

CLN is a good brand and one of the most trusted and sought-after fashion boutiques in the Philippines. The brand is so good that it has received the PRA Retail of the Year Award five times.

The meritorious awards have ushered it into the PRA’s Hall of Fame, the dominant fashion brand for women in the country. So naturally, if you’re spending your money on a brand, you want to be sure you’re not wasting investment.

The great thing with the CLN brand is that it offers you a complete collection; of shoes, clothes, and bags. That means you can get everything you need for one brand, thus eliminating the likelihood of the outfit looking tacky.

What’s more, CLN items are known to feature the finest of materials and highest quality, thus explaining their incredible durability. So if you’re looking for a fashion brand that will give you a run for your money, the CLN brand is one.


When it comes to clothing and bags, CLN and Celine do offer tough competition. However, the choice becomes more straightforward when you consider the style and price; your preference is what matters at the end of the day. For instance, Celine is better if you prefer a minimalistic design, while CLN is better if you want a complete ensemble. In addition, CLN is a top-rated Filipina brand, while Celine is a top-rated French brand; there’s another factor to consider before you decide.

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