Celine VS Chloe: Which brand is better?

It’s a tough choice between Celine and Chloe, seeing as they are both iconic brands and giants in the industry. However, the greatness of both brands warranted this comparison; one has got to be better than the other. First off, both Celine and Chloe are known for excellent craftsmanship, outstanding quality, and endearing designs. These characteristics are why comparing them is a good choice; it all comes down to preference at the end of the day.

If you need an idea on which brand to go for between Celine and Chloe, keep reading. We will intimate you with some of their differing characteristics. Then, you can decide which brand suits your style best.

Celine vs. Chloe: Which Brand Has Better Quality?

Quality is one of Celine’s focus points in manufacturing its products; all materials used are premium quality. The brand’s bags are a wardrobe staple, featuring high quality and luxurious leathers, including lizard skin and supple calfskin. Celine bags are built to withstand the harshest of conditions – well, as harsh as a perishable good can withstand anyway. All Celine bags are made of full leather inside and outside, differing in tone, veins, and textures.

Meanwhile, Chloe’s quality may very well be the most underrated in the fashion industry. The brand often gets backlashes on its quality because the initial bag designs are made from smooth calfskin or suede that wears easily. However, the later collections of Chloe’s bags don’t feature these leathers and are much more durable.

As far as quality goes, Celine has this one in the bag. Chloe is trying; the brand’s items feature great quality, but its quality isn’t anywhere near Celine’s. So, the quality aspect is covered: Celine has better quality than Chloe – but there are still other areas to consider.

Celine vs. Chloe: Which Design is Better?

Celine is world-renowned for its hip and trendy classical designs, with their luxurious yet minimalistic craftsmanship. Celine’s products feature a timeless design, perfectly embodying the class and grace of modern Parisian style. The brand chose Pheobe Philo as its creative director in 2008, which is one thing it has in common with Chloe. Philo held the post for ten years, turning the brand into the stylish It-girl’s alternative to flashier and more mainstream models.

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Conversely, Chloe is often accused of churning out trendy designs that go out of style fast and lose resale value. However, we’ve got to admit that buying a $2,000 bag because it is trendy is not a wise decision. Besides, Chloe is known for originality; the brand has never been labeled as copying another brand’s style. The brand consistently creates designs that are unique and peculiar in their own way and vastly different from what other brands are doing.

Celine wins this round; we would choose a trendy and timeless design over trendy designs that go out of style fast. However, that is not to say that Chloe doesn’t have some great designs for its consumers because it does. Chloe may be a good fit if you don’t mind spending over 2,000 dollars on designer bags now and then. On the other hand, Celine is excellent if you want an item you can use for years and holds form and integrity.

Authenticity Checks for Chloe Bags

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If you’re not buying a Chloe bag directly from the brand, differentiating the real product apart from the knockoff is important. Below are four ways you can authenticate a Chloe bag:

  1. Give the leather a thorough examination: Chloe bags feature premium quality; genuine Chloe leather will be soft and supple, so feel the bag’s texture. Chloe knockoff bags often feel cheap, stiff, and have an unnatural odor that the originals don’t. Alternatively, you can compare the bag with those on Chloe’s official website and store.
  2. The Chloe hardware: Original Chloe hardware feels tough and long-lasting; from the feel, you can tell it’ll last years without much wear and tear. Test the bag’s hardware and see that it matches these descriptions; it’s likely a knockoff if it doesn’t.
  3. The logo: Chloe’s logo isn’t as conspicuous as other in other designer bags; it is usually embossed in the bag’s interior. Check the logo and ensure it is in the dead center, spelled correctly, and doesn’t look smudged or faded. If something appears to be off with the logo, you should be wary of the product.
  4. The stitching: Chloe bags, like every other designer bag, have impeccable stitching; you should see the quality in the bag’s stitchwork. If you notice any irregularities or uneven patterns in the bag’s stitching, you’re likely dealing with a counterfeit.

Authenticity Checks for Celine Bags

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There are many Celine bag knockoffs in the market, maybe more than the originals. If you’re serious about getting a Celine bag, you need to make sure you’re not being ripped off. Thus, authenticate the Celine bag in these three ways:

  1. The date code: Original Celine bags come with a numeric code often referred to as a serial number or date code. The Celine bag should have a date code in the format: one letter – two letters – four numbers (as in X – XX – ####). The first three letters identify the factory location where the bag was made; the four digits identify its manufacture date.
  2. Logo accuracy: Celine has different logo styles: the old one was used before September 2018, and the new one was used after. In the old logo, the first “e” in Celine has an accent pointing right; the accent is absent in the new logo. Compare the date on the bag with the logo type and ensure it is accurate. If you’re still unsure, you can compare with similar products on the brand’s official website.
  3. Heat stamping: Celine typically heat-stamps its logo onto the fabric of its bags. If the logo appears painted on the bag, you’re most likely dealing with a Celine knockoff.


Celine and Chloe have some of the most beautiful bags and fashion pieces in the industry. However, both brands are significantly different; for instance, Celine is more expensive than Chloe. Chloe items are trendy, and they appear dated after you’ve used them for a while. However, Celine’s products are designed to be trendy and timeless at the same time.

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