Celine VS Chanel: Which brand is better?

Celine is a highly-coveted luxury brand in the fashion industry, as is Chanel. Both brands are some of the giants and pillars of the industry, taking top positions on best brands lists worldwide. Their styles, quality, prices, history, and everything else are different, and we’ll be comparing them to see just how much. Celine and Chanel represent the dream of every fashion enthusiast, with each brand seeing to the needs of different audiences.

This article should help if you are unsure whether to go for Chanel or Celine, especially if you’re new to fashion. Comparing the quality, design, style, and other areas, let’s see which brand will win this showdown.

Celine vs. Chanel: History and Origin

Chanel wins this point for the older fashion label between both brands. Celine was founded in 1945 by Celine and Richard Vapiana but was obtained by the French conglomerate, LVMH, in 1996.

The brand started as a made-to-measure children’s shoe store in Paris with a distinctive red elephant logo created by Raymond Peynet. The brand has always witnessed massive sales and success, causing it to expand across the globe.

Celine is present in London, the United States, France, and Japan. It became a bona fide international brand in the 1970s, having hundreds of stores across continents.

On the other hand, Chanel was founded in 1910 by Coco Chanel, a couturière. The brand centers on women’s ready-to-wear clothes and high fashion, accessories, and luxury goods in general. Coco Chanel was a fashion designer who catered to women’s desire for elegant dresses, including suits, jewelry, and trousers. The designs are simple, replacing the opulent, constrictive, and over-designed clothes and accessories of fashion in the 19th century.

Chanel’s creative director, Lagerfeld, took it from the boxy suits of the 50s and into the 80s, looking to past designs for inspiration. With one little change after the other, he helped Chanel advance from a conservative past to a future of timeless designs.

Celine vs. Chanel: Which Brand Does Style Better?

When it comes to style, Celine is more of a hip, revamped, and trendy classic with luxurious yet minimalistic pieces. Celine’s designs perfectly embody the sophistication of contemporary Parisian style; its designs are versatile, functional, and always on-trend. This fashion house has a way of combining fresh punches of authentic and creative details with timeless designer staples. The brand’s designs are meant to light up any wardrobe with their versatility and the exquisiteness of their construction.

Alternatively, Chanel is one of the world’s most iconic fashion brands with a record of making unforgettable fashion pieces. This high-end French luxury house brought modernity to the fashion world; functionality is more important than flamboyance where Chanel is concerned. Coco Chanel’s desire to satisfy women’s taste for elegance caused her to create timeless pieces the world is yet to get over.

However, Celine is more focused on the younger generation than Chanel, although it still has something for the older crowd. Comparing both brand styles is hard work, but we have to give this to Celine; Celine wins this battle hands down. However, it’s all about personal preference; Celine may have won this with us, but Chanel probably wins for someone else.

Does Celine Have Better Quality Than Chanel?

Celine pieces feature excellent quality, with durable and versatile styles that never go out of trend. Part of what makes the brand a classic is that the materials used in making its pieces are handpicked and carefully crafted. Most Celine bags are designed in Italy, another indicator of their high quality. Celine bags are designed using the most luxurious raw materials, including natural and unique leathers with tonal and color variations.

Meanwhile, Chanel products feature materials of the highest quality, carefully crafted by highly talented craftsmen from Italy, Spain, and Paris. Chanel mainly uses lambskin, calfskin, patent, and caviar leathers, with a small selection of exotic leathers like snakeskin.

The brand’s lambskin and caviar leathers are top choices for its products, although their texture and feel are different. Where Caviar is more resilient and can withstand more rough handling than lambskin, the latter is more beautiful, luxurious, and smooth.

Celine wins this point; it features far better quality than Chanel. Where many Chanel bags require consistent and ongoing care, Celine bags can withstand anything to an extent. Scuff and small markings are easier to get off a Celine bag than they are on Chanel bags. Celine is for you if you don’t have much patience for continuously cleaning and maintaining a handbag.

Is Celine Worth Buying?

celine spring summer 2020 ready to wear

Celine has always been about originality, exclusivity, exquisiteness, and simplicity. The brand aims to provide the highest form of elegance for women without compromising on simplicity. Celine handbags are known for lighting up casual and ordinary outfits, giving them an appearance that is welcome anywhere. Celine products aren’t just welcome everywhere they go; they turn heads.

The brand is known for the originality of its design; a good example is its revolutionary luggage bags. The bags are hard to find anywhere, with their distinct and unique designs that no other brand has reproduced. If you’re familiar with Celine bags, you will easily spot them on the street without checking the logo. Celine’s quality is unmatched by many labels in the fashion industry; its items are built to last and withstand rough handling.

If you love high-quality leather handbags, you will love Celine’s. Plus, if durability, functionality, and versatility are things you desire in your fashion pieces, you’ll find Celine an investment. Celine’s bags, for instance, are made from top-quality leather with little to no imperfections. The bag designs are such that you can wear them in any style: crossbody, shoulder bag, or as a clutch.


Comparing Celine and Chanel seems impossible until you delve deeper into their features and what makes them what they are. Comparing the characteristics of both brands, we say Celine wins this round, but that doesn’t mean Chanel is a less efficient brand. The choice ultimately depends on your preference as a fashion consumer.

Celine is your go-to brand if you love minimalistic, elegant, and simple designs mostly geared toward young people. Contrarily, Chanel isn’t too focused on the younger generation, but its quality is topnotch and its designs impeccable.

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