Brands like Goyard: Which brands to check out

Every luxury brand is unique in its own way, but it doesn’t hurt to make a little comparison between brands. In this article, we want to make some healthy comparisons between Goyard and high-end brands like it.

Of course, it is healthy competition because some of these brands are more expensive and probably feature a higher quality. But, is there perhaps some way Goyard excels them, perhaps in exclusivity, quality, and style?

You most likely know little about the Goyard brand; don’t worry – only a few people actually know the brand. This is because Goyard thrives on secrecy; it has only a few stakeholders, and each one protects the brand by keeping quiet.

Nevertheless, there are some things we can talk about concerning the Goyard brand, including its quality and exclusivity status. We will then compare these with other brands like it, including Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Fauré Le Page.

Goyard vs Louis Vuitton: History, Products, Prices

Goyard is only a year older than Louis Vuitton; both brands were founded in 1853 and 1854, respectively. When comparing two luxury brands, their history is a significant and essential point to consider; each brand holds its heritage dear.

Both Goyard and Louis Vuitton originate from France, started as trunk-making workshops, and expanded in influence and range of products. Both brands are proud of their signature canvas, with each one being a timeless classic.

However, where Goyard doesn’t change with trends, Louis Vuitton is known to collaborate and alter its designs. Also, they differ in the products they offer; Goyard offers bags, cardholders, pouches, and bag accessories.

On the other hand, LV offers small leather goods, accessories, ready-to-wear, décor and furniture, fragrances, shoes, and handbags. As far as the number of goods goes, Louis Vuitton offers more goods than Goyard, which is a deliberate move by Goyard.

Comparing prices, Louis Vuitton generally is more expensive than Goyard, although some of the latter’s goods are more expensive. However, since Goyard doesn’t display its goods’ prices on its website, comparing the price range of these two is hard.

Louis Vuitton, on the other hand, indicates its prices on its websites, and it updates (increases) them yearly. As far as quality goes, many fashion enthusiasts believe that LV bags are more durable.

Goyard vs Prada vs Gucci: Popularity and Secrecy

Gucci, Prada, and Goyard are all French brands, but where Prada and Gucci scream luxury, Goyard only whispers it. However, it whispers the word into the ears that count and attracts people it finds worthy of its rich heritage.

Goyard has only one fully-owned boutique in Paris and spends nothing on advertising, but its bags are on the wish lists of celebrities. Where the whole world is wearing Gucci and Prada, Goyard products prefer to stay hidden in the closet.

Where Gucci and Prada spend millions on fashion shows, advertising, red carpet placements, celebrity endorsements, and big parties, Goyard doesn’t.

For example, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Dior collectively spent over 74m USD on ads between January and September 2009. Goyard’s success, on the other hand, thrives on its and its customers’ ability to keep its business private. The secrecy of the brand is the main reason you would hardly see a counterfeited Goyard tote on the market.

Goyard doesn’t only shun advertising; it also doesn’t employ famous designers or make apparel. It instead provides customers with personalized service, monogramming its bags with colorful stripes, initials, and symbols – whatever customers want.

As a result, Prada and Gucci are more popular than Goyard, but that’s okay; Goyard’s secrecy is by choice.

Goyard vs Fauré Le Page: Comparing French Luxury

France is considered the king of luxury leather goods; no other country does them better. Both Goyard and Fauré Le Page feature a high-quality, all-over hand-painted print in their products.

Although some of Fauré Le Page’s prints are more recognizable, their hand-printing is their unique selling point. The downside to Goyard’s prints is that they begin to wear off after a while of use, which is expected.

On the other hand, the prints on Fauré Le Page’s bags last longer, with stitches intact and prints unfading. In addition, Goyard purses are said to fade faster than Fauré Le Page purses; perhaps that’s because of the print quality or the leather.

But, apart from the print quality, both brands’ purses feature the same quality, feel, and functionality.

Another significant difference between both brands is the distribution process, where Fauré Le Page is even more inaccessible than Goyard. Both brands are high-end and offer limited distribution, but it is easier to get Goyard bags than Fauré Le Page’s.

That’s probably because Goyard has more stores than Fauré Le Page, with only three stores globally. But, then, the price points of both brands differ, with Fauré Le Page being much more affordable than Goyard.

Goyard Brand Ownership: who owns Goyard?

Goyard is a brand that hardly needs any introduction; it symbolizes luxury status in everything leather goods. The fashion house has existed for over two hundred years but under a different name.

The Goyard brand started in 1853 after Francois Goyard, who worked as an apprentice in the house, purchased it. Francois’s son, Edmond Goyard, introduced the iconic Goyard print; he also laid the groundwork for today’s perception of the brand.

The Goyard brand is now under the leadership of Jean-Michel Signoles, the same man who transformed the brand. He bought the brand from its original founders’ descendants and transformed it into the iconic standard it is today.

Mr. Signoles gradually introduced new colors like white, blue, and pink into the brand’s collection. With the recent introduction of bright colors, he livened up the dark colors the brand’s luggage was known for.

He also went back to the brand’s roots to dig up classic handbag styles and reintroduce them to the world. Then, he hired Mounir Moufarrige, the former president of the Chloé fashion brand, who jumped at the offer. Today, Goyard excels in the luxury leather market, with products in only 12 stores worldwide.


Goyard is an iconic brand, and so are all the brands we compared it with – that’s what we call a healthy comparison. If you’re considering patronizing any of these brands, you’ll probably have better luck with Louis Vuitton and Prada. Goyard and Fauré Le Page are highly inaccessible brands that unashamedly only sell their products to high-standing and important figures worldwide.

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