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Coach is known and loved for its New York street style; it has a long line of assorted totes for consumers. While it is more in the affordable luxury category, Coach is costlier than most brands in the same category. Thus, if you’re looking for more affordable options than Coach, we will give you a list of several to choose from. If you are looking for classy purses with similar quality to Coach, you can find them in these mid-range brands.

Coach is popularly known for the affordability of its luxury items, giving the middle class a chance to treat themselves to something special. The brand offers more than just a great shopping experience; admirable values and ideologies are beneath the designs.

These ideologies contribute to the brand’s great reputation among fashion enthusiasts worldwide – including critics. That said, let’s get into brands that are similar to Coach in price, style, quality, and collections, among other things.

What Are Five Brands Like Coach?

Many brands are similar to Coach in style, price points, and creativity, to name a few. If you are ready to compare and shop, below are five of those iconic brands:

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is often compared with Coach in terms of quality and design, although the former is more luxurious. LV offers designs that blend timelessness with modernity; the brand focuses on creativity while paying attention to innovative ideas from workers and customers.

While it has higher price points than Coach, both brands are similar in quality, featuring top-notch craftsmanship and high-quality materials.

Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta is another cool brand to invest in besides Coach, featuring creativity rooted in Italian culture. The only thing is that the brand is extremely exclusive, meaning you must register to access price details and purchase items. For the fashion enthusiast, exclusivity is everything; no one wants to see their clothes on everyone else.


Dior is the go-to brand for high-end fashion products and quality customer service; the brand offers the full package. Additionally, like Coach, Dior stands behind its products, offering consumers a repair service to contribute to the brand’s “Dream in Green” project.


Burberry offers the perfect blend between functionality and fashion, making it a great alternative to the Coach brand. The Burberry brand has a revolutionary outlook on what a good style means, producing cool items with great quality. Plus, the uniqueness and personalization of the brand’s items make them wearable by anyone – making them more expensive.


Gucci is a high-end brand and shouldn’t be compared with Coach, but that is what makes Coach so special. It competes with high-end luxury brands rather than those in its category; the brand is steadily moving up the ladder. Gucci is known and loved for its innovative, progressive, and influential modern approach to fashion. It is the go-to brand for trendy and contemporary designs with a little romantic lair.

How Are Brands Like Coach Similar?

When determining brands similar to Coach, we looked at a few factors, including prices, style, quality, convenience, selection, and diversity. Like Coach, the brands offer a variety of luxury products in different price ranges, ensuring fashion consumers can buy themselves something special.

Additionally, the brands offer the best mix of traditional and modern styles with unique and contemporary designs. Also, the brands are similar in quality, producing unique and genuine pieces that their customers never get tired of.

The brands focus on making their customers look their best, thus providing ready-made and customized items. Furthermore, these brands like Coach offer a wide range of practical and exquisite fashion items that are great for everyday use and special occasions. Another similarity is their convenience; you can get your item of choice and have it delivered to your doorstep. Also, these brands like Coach are all about encouraging and empowering people from different walks of life in their ways.

Coach, for instance, reflects its values through its team – where 60% of its leaders are women and 21% ethnic minorities. Furthermore, Coach supports several non-profit organizations to increase educational opportunities or tackle racial discrimination issues.

What Are Some Cool Facts about the Coach Brand?

Coach is more than meets the eye; beyond the fantastic shopping experience is a valuable brand with admirable qualities. If you’re considering Coach as your go-to brand, below are qualities about it to help reinforce your decision:

  • Coach is all about crafting beautiful things and advocating for environmental as well as social causes;
  • The brand offers personalization services where you can consult them for information on their best available collections;
  • It offers free shopping for all orders and customizes its products if you want them on a made-to-order basis;
  • The Coach Repair Workshop is the brand’s repair service where you can repair your bag rather than throw it out. 

Is Coach a True Luxury Brand?

High price points, among other things, are an important factor that a brand must possess to be termed a true luxury brand. Coach is not regarded as a true luxury brand because its items are still affordable to the masses.

Nevertheless, it features good-quality contemporary and stylish designs that could easily pass off as luxury items. Coach doesn’t have price points as high as these brands we just mentioned, including Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

Compared to higher-end brands, Coach’s price points are significantly less, which is a good thing for the average fashion consumer. A Coach handbag, for example, costs between $150 and $725, while the least in LV’s collection is well over $1,000. Still, Coach designs are iconic and simply beautiful, just like the higher-end brands, and with similar quality.

The quality level of the materials used give Coach items a luxurious finish while ensuring they retain their form for many years.


If you’ve tried Coach, loved it, but now want to try other brands similar to it, your options are many. Some of the brands in this article are more luxurious (that is, expensive) than Coach, but they are similar in different ways. With this list, you can shop for styles that suit you best, treating yourself to luxury with the click of a button.

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