Bleu De Chanel vs. Dior Sauvage: Which one to choose?

Bleu de Chanel and Dior Sauvage fragrances are two popular, unique perfumes from two of the most iconic brands ever. When it comes to fragrance, Dior and Chanel are among the leading brands; each has an extensive, popular fragrance line. Bleu de Chanel and Dior Sauvage are men’s fragrances, and they always top the charts when perfumes and colognes are being compared. These two are undoubtedly worth investing in if you are looking for high-quality fragrances for a romantic night out.

This article will compare these to popular men’s fragrances to help you decide which one to buy. We will compare their scents to see which one smells better and their performances, among other things. It can be hard to choose between these two, especially considering their astounding similarities. Nevertheless, there are differences, and we will fish them out in this article, but the final decision is up to you.

Bleu de Chanel vs. Dior Sauvage: Comparing their Brands

The Chanel French brand makes the Bleu de Chanel fragrance; the brand’s fragrance journey dates far back to the twenties. The brand launched its Chanel No. 5 in 1921, a product that was and is still a classic. However, Chanel only launched its first fragrance line in 1995, opening with the infamous Chanel Pour Monsieur. It has consistently rolled out many more men’s fragrances since then, with a few years in-between each release.

Jacques Polge created Bleu de Chanel in 2010; it was the brand’s first release of men’s fragrance in six years. After the brand released its first men’s fragrance in 1995, it released another in 2004 and stopped. Then, in 2010, it released the Bleu de Chanel, which became the brand’s emblem.

Conversely, Dior changed from being a fashion brand to a fragrance brand in 1947. The story is that Dior had no name for its first fragrance line, which was to be released soon. On the day it was to launch the fragrance, Christian Dior’s sister, Catherine, and his friend, Mitzah Bricard, unknowingly gave it a name. As the story goes, when they entered, they both exclaimed, saying “Miss Dior” had arrived, and the name stuck.

The brand’s first men’s perfume was introduced in 1966, Parfums Christian Dior; Dior Sauvage is part of the collection. Dior Sauvage was released in 2015; its name is reportedly inspired the same way the women’s perfume debut was.

Bleu de Chanel vs. Dior Sauvage: The Difference in Scent

Both perfumes feature a combination of essential oils, producing a scent that makes them stand out among others. The Dior Sauvage has an overwhelming scent, the most overwhelming being pepper and bergamot. Geranium, pink pepper, lavender, patchouli, and vetiver serve as the fragrance’s middle notes, while its base notes are labdanum, cedar, and ambroxan. Johnny Depp used the Sauvage in the brand’s campaign in 2015; the ad caught younger men’s attention.

Contrarily, the Bleu de Chanel gives off a spicy, citrusy, woodsy scent with hints of fruits. The main notes in the fragrance include lemon, grapefruit, mint, and pink pepper. Its middle notes are jasmine, ginger, and nutmeg, while its base notes are white musk, sandalwood, patchouli, and labdanum. Bleu de Chanel smells excellently on men of all ages, although it is more popular among men in their twenties and thirties.

Furthermore, Sauvage gives off a raw and sensual feel; its scent is designed to invoke images of a rugged landscape effortlessly. The complexity of the fragrance’s scent makes it more mature than the Bleu, but it also fits younger men perfectly. Bleu de Chanel is specifically made for and loved by younger men, but it also can be worn by men of all ages. It is great for special occasions and evening events; its scent lasts for hours on clothes but not for as long on the skin.

Bleu de Chanel vs. Dior Sauvage: Comparing Projection and Longevity

Bleu Chanel opens with strong silage and then tempers down a bit, becoming less powerful but still noticeable. Gradually, it transitions to its woody phase, at which stage it does not leave the same scent trail. Conversely, Sauvage holds loads of projection and is more noticeable than Bleu de Chanel. Dior Sauvage is the perfume to wear if you want people to smell your presence when you enter a room.

However, Bleu de Chanel fragrance has a depth and complexity that Sauvage doesn’t; its refined, nice smell is impressive. Still, Sauvage does it better when it comes to projection; this fragrance is a complete powerhouse. Also, as far as performance goes, both fragrances will go for more than ten hours when applied to the skin. Although Sauvage is more powerful than Bleu, they are similar in longevity.

As for versatility, both fragrances are versatile in that men of all ages can wear them. The only difference is that, where Sauvage is made for older men, Bleu is made for younger men. Also, you might want to avoid wearing both on hot days; they are best worn in winter or autumn. 

Bleu de Chanel vs. Dior Sauvage: Which Fragrance Is the Best?

Both fragrance models are exceptional, depending on what you are looking for. They have different scents and projections, so that you can decide based on both. However, if we had to choose a winner, we’d probably go with the Bleu de Chanel, with its warm, refined, and smooth scent. Bleu is warm, deep, and dark, giving you a perfect blend of wood and a zesty citrus scent.

However, if you want a strong, raw, and sensual, Sauvage is the best option; it is that fragrance that announces your presence. Bleu is more low-key and does not have the boldness Sauvage has, but it makes up for it in complexity.


If you want to treat yourself to some high-end luxury fragrances, Chanel’s Bleu Parfum and Dior’s Sauvage are it. Which one you consider best between these two fragrances will depend on what you are looking for. While Sauvage is made for older men, Bleu is made for younger men, but anyone can wear both. Also, if you want bold and strong, think Dior Sauvage, but if you want subtle and spicy, think Bleu de Chanel.

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