Best Luxury Work Bags

We’ve previously covered what the best tote bags are for your everyday life, but what about for all the workers out there that needs something that can cover your work-life load, be comfortable and stay classy?

A laptop, a notepad with some pens, chargers and all daily necessities such as a water bottle and so on become heavy after a while if you need to run from meeting to meeting.

So, functionality and aesthetics are two important factors. Durability as of course also of the highest importance. You might even want to bring it to a social gathering after work or whatever’s on the calendar.

All of these requirements… can be quite hard to tick all the boxes, to be honest. But don’t worry, we, of course, have a list for you to check out and find some inspiration.

The Best Luxury Work Bags

  1. Cuyana Structured Leather Tote
  2. The Row Park Leather Tote
  3. Senreve Maestra Leather Bag
  4. Saint Laurent Boucle Tote
  5. Rimowa Never Stille Tote
  6. Little Liffner Large Tulip Leather Tote

Cuyana Structured Leather Tote

Cuyana’s Structured Leather Tote is a simple yet elegant classical tote that just has enough space and chic to be suitable for all work occasions. The bag is made out of sweet Italian leather. It’s premium and you will be able to carry it around in all weathers without any wear and tear.

You’ll feel like a success when you walk around with this one around your arm. All of your work things in the bag with enough space to even do some shopping on the way back home without the need for a pitstop or an extra plastic bag. Extra environmentally friendly!

The bag comes in 12 different colors and will cost you about $200. A great price for an awesome bag!

The Row Park Leather Tote

Another Italian, slightly, more expensive bag that is minimalistic and gorgeous! It’s about 17 inches tall and 15 inches wide, so big enough to bring your work stuff. It’s a timeless bag that is suitable for all office work, weekends and trips.

The price is about $2,000 but I can promise that it will last you for years and years! It comes in three natural colors, black, mocha and caramel.

Senreve Maestra Leather Bag

Here comes an alternative that is bolder compared to the two first alternatives. Not so much in the color, but rather in the overall design. And the possibilities are endless with the bag.

It can be worn in four different ways. As a backpack, crossbody, satchel or as tote. Isn’t that amazing?

It might look quite small, but you can actually fit a 15-inch laptop in there in the central compartment. It’s about 12 inches times 10 inches. The inside structure is well-designed for all the different compartments you need.

If you’re tired of natural colors and few options, look no further. This bag has 13 different colors! The price is $1,150 at the time we’re writing this post.

Saint Laurent Boucle Tote

Oh, Saint Laurent. The Boucle Tote is a beauty… Depending on where you live, throw this one around your arm on a sunny day when everything feels bright and sunny. It has a brown leather strap on the top of the edge with a beige lower part. And it’s a perfect match.

14.5 inches wide and 10 inches tall. You have enough space for a 13-inch computer plus more! There is also an interior compartment for you to organize your work stuff as you wish.

It’s simply stylish fashion without any fuss. It’s like a statement, “I’m here and I’m beautiful!”

RIMOWA Never Still Tote

Okay, time for a different style. RIMOWA will be the perfect bag for all of you who are active in your work and need to run to the gym or social occasions in the evening. You’ve got plenty of space for a 15-inch laptop and a set of workout clothes.

It’s also quite versatile when it comes to being on the move to further places. There is a strap that can be attached to a suitcase while being on business trips.

You can find it in three different colors today. Black, orange/beige and pink. It’ll cost you about $1,260 today.

Little Liffner Large Tulip Leather Tote

Okay, we’ve discussed all of these bags that are minimalistic, classical and functional. Time for the statement bag that is for the one that wants to show off. Little Liffner Large Tulip Leather Tote is indeed a fashion statement. It’s a simple color and structure, but the overall curve of the top is just making it chic.

You can remove the shoulder strap if you want and just carry it around with the leather handle. It’s more than 21 inches wide (!), which will be enough to cover all of your daily work equipment plus more.

It’ll cost you about $670 today.


That was the list of best luxury work bags for women. It’s important to remember that size actually matters in this subject. If you can’t take everything you need for the day, why even bother.

Pick something that you feel is comfortable and suitable for your style. That will certainly make it easier for you to just throw all of your stuff for the day and run away to your business meeting with a great feeling!

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