Best Luxury Slippers

Have you ever woken up a winter day to go to the bathroom or even before dawn to get up to make yourself some coffee and the moment your feet hit the floor, a chill spreads along your spine… Yes, we’ve all been there and it’s, to be honest, horrible.

My solution? Some super comfy slippers that can be worn to defeat to most horrible mornings when you have to get out of bed.

Or are you one of those who always have cold feet, even in the office? Slippers can even be quite fashionable these days, it’s like having a retreat for your feet.

Whatever your needs are, have a look at the best luxury slippers below.

UGG Scuffette

Oh, lovely sheepskin! There is a reason why people in the Nordics loves their sheepskin slippers. They are warm, they breathe and they will help your feet feel amazing through even the coldest weather. And they’re not that expensive! I mean, around $90 to keep your feet comfortable? That’s a deal!

The inside is made out of wool, however, the rubber outside is made out of rubber which makes them quite sturdy and non-slippery.

These are most suitable for your home, it’s a relaxed experience to just walking around in these. Your heel might feel a bit cold as they’re open in the back. I wouldn’t go outside with them either, it’s more of an inside slipper for occasions when you watch TV and just relax.

UGG Coquette

Okay another UGG option, but this one is similar but different. I mean UGG is making great pair of slippers, that’s the reality. The Coquette Slipper has a better sole of rubber that is thicker and it’s way more comfortable to walk around in these for a whole day if you’re on your feet for quite some time.

The Scuffette’s are more comfortable when you’re in relaxing mode. In the Coquette’s you don’t have any troubles walking around or even standing up while doing some work for quite some time.

The slipper is also made out of sheepskin and cotton wool on the inside. These are actually designed for both outdoor wear and indoor wear. The model is more expensive, around $140 for a pair. To be fair, it’s not bad.


The Vionic slipper is an interesting one. Some of us have problems with our feet and we need some extra support from the things we’re wearing on our feet. The Vionic slipper will help with that. The slipper has an adjustable instep buckle strap that will make them personalized suitable for you.

They are designed in many ways to make sure that your feet and hips will get the support that you need, with features such as the shock absorber.

If you’re looking for something that will help with your overall foot and hip health, not only take the morning cold away from your feet, look no further!

The price is about $130 for a pair. Not too bad either!

Cozy Bootie from Parachute

Okay, are you one of those people that have ice cold hands and feet? Take the slipper that looks like a cloud and just enjoy the comfiness to the maximum.

This slipper will cover your whole feet plus a good portion of the lower leg. The material is made out of super soft Sherpa and you can wear them at the TV or when you go out to collect your mail.

The sole is made out of an anti-slip rubber sole, so you need to worry about slipping away on the cloud that surrounds your foot. And hey, they are cheap considering what you get. $59 for a pair.

UGG Ansley

Okay, trend lovers out there! This one is for all of you that are looking to be trendy, comfy and warm. The Ansley model is a moccasin slipper that actually look very nice while you wear it.

You will have sheep wool on the inside with 100% suede on the outside. The sole is, you guessed it, rubber that will make sure that you don’t slip and that your own sole will be spared from all wear and tear that some slippers will make you experience.

If you’re looking to run outside, feel free to run to the door and get outside! No need to change your slipper. Get them for an affordable price of $100.


That’s my top affordable luxury slippers for women. UGG is really a class in itself when you speak about slippers. They look fabulous, they feel cosy and the pricing is affordable as well. The natural materials will help your body temperature regulation in the feet too. As our feet get sweaty, it’s important to use a material that can breathe.

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