Bags Similar to Senreve Maestra

Senreve Maestra has lately been too popular, and it’s no wonder. The bag is both beautiful and functional. Many of us have considered buying one, but the question remains: do you want to have the same bag as the rest of the handbag lovers or are you going for something more… unique?

This is the guide for all of us who wants a bag that is unique and not something that you will see around every fashion bloggers arm.

The Senreve Maestra Bag Alternatives – The List


Alright here comes one beautiful bag that is made of 100% lambskin and as a special grosgrain interior lining. It’s just luxury from the inside out.

The chain is detachable and has a leather strap the ease the carriage when you have it over your should. Although, if you prefer, you can take the chain off and just use the leather handles. The logo is a magnetic closure and the whole bag just says luxury…

The interior is posh and opens to reveal an interior zipper compartment with two pockets on each side of the compartment It looks quite small, but to be honest, it really fits a lot. And that’s only the medium model. The large one will give you more than double the space.

The bag also comes in different colors. Black, Hazelnut, Dark Anthracite, Dark Beige, Dark Red, Red Royal Blue, Mouse Gray, Dove White, Powder Pink and Dark Beige.

Even the YSL logo can come in different colors: Silver, Gold and Black on Black. Amazing.


Released in the summer of 2015, it almost instantly became a success. The bag is recognizable but yet versatile and elegant. It’s a very unique bag in its structure and it’s just beautiful. The structure is quite flat to be honest, not flat in a bad aesthetic way, but rather the depth of it.

Its hardware is quite particular in a sense as well. The strap is made of three parts: 1) the leather strap, the chain and a “hook” that is on the middle of the front side of the bag. The design makes it stay close to the body at all times, which is rather interesting.

The interior of the bag is equipped with a zipped compartment and you can find the bag with calfskin, all leather, black leather, patent leather or snake print leather.


CÉLINE BELT is probably a favorite for many people, including myself. It’s basically a bag that is good for most occasions, made of superior quality and will probably never go out of fashion. It’s an investment.

As with the rest of the bags on this list, you have the option to either carry the bag with a shoulder strap or by the leather straps. It also comes in three different sizes: nano, micro and mini. The mini is the largest size and it’s enough to carry all of your daily necessities. Not enough for a 13″ computer though, worth mentioning for all hard workers out there.

The bag is made out of grained calfskin which is a durable and not very sensitive material of you care for it.

You can basically use this classical bag for everything from your daily regular activities such as shopping, work and socialising, to more fancy events.

If you’re looking for a bag that is minimalistic, of high quality, good spacious interior and not as expensive as other designer bags, go for Céline Belt. 5 out 5 in my opinion.


The Gucci Marmont Bag is a neat one that comes in different sizes, colors and shapes. It’s an affordable luxury option that seems to keep its price, or can even increase as an investment.

The bag itself is colorful (if you want) and will have a zigzag pattern on the outside leather. It’s a basic linear structure on the rectangular overall shape. The strap is quite long and very suitable for all that wants to carry the bag over the shoulder, rather than in the hand or on the arm.

The leather is not too thick or heavy, which makes it neater in a sense. The zipper has a long strap which is really suitable with the overall design.

The inside is nothing special, an inside pocket and quite good capacity to carry around larger items for your daily needs.

Overall, it’s a functional and aesthetic pleasure to carry around.

Prada Re-Edition 2005 Shoulder Bag

The Prada Re-Edition 2005 Shoulder Bag is probably a bag that you expect from Prada. It has a nylon finish and you can instantly recognize the logo with the capitalized PRADA letters. It has a chain handle and a shoulder strap for those that prefer that.

The Re-Edition is something in between casual and luxury. You can detach the shoulder strap to just use the chain for different events, or just keep it as a daily functional bag.

Its material is a great choice, even though it’s nylon. The nylon is durable and sleek, yet stylish. It’s a material that can go through most things, from everyday stains and dirt to the wild night accidentally wine that just so happened to fall on the bag.

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