Bags Like Sac De Jour

Saint Laurent is a great place to look if you’re in the market for some serious, high-quality, expertly-made, and beautiful designer bags. We’re talking majorly about one of YSL’s handbags in this article, the Sac de Jour, and some others like it. Saint Laurent is a French fashion house known for producing highly durable silhouettes that can fit any outfit.

Apart from matching any outfit perfectly, the bags can make a casual outfit appear like an elevated ensemble.

The French fashion house’s creative director, Anthony Vaccarello, reassures us that YSL will continue to be contemporarily relevant. So, if you’ve not considered YSL one of the best places to get great bags, you should now.

Whether your wardrobe is full of high-end bags or you’re saving to buy your first-ever luxury bag. You will find the information in this article very helpful as we present various YSL collections to you.

What Other Bags Are Like Sac De Jour?

Sac de Jour is a good bag for work and casual outings, large enough to hold your essentials without looking like a briefcase. If you’re looking for other bags like it, for whatever reasons, these four bags are an excellent place to look:

Celine’s Phantom

It features an embellished croc print for dressing it up a notch, stretching nicely to fit all your essentials. You can carry the bag in your hand or over your forearm, with the suede lining offering a heightened sense of luxury.

Goyard’s St. Louis

This bag from Goyard is a functional handbag with enough room for a 13″ laptop, small cosmetic pouch, lunch, notebook, and wallet. It features a flexible material that lets your bag stretch to accommodate enough items.

Hermes’ Kelly

The Kelly bag is great if you’re looking for an elevated piece that will carry no more than your wallet and agenda. It is the type of bag you can take to a business lunch or coffee meeting and feel classy throughout.

Chanel’s GST

The GST bag is a great bag that fits the workplace and a cozy restaurant without looking out of place. What’s great about the bag are the many tiny compartments where you can keep small things you want to hide from others.

What Other YSL Bags Are Worth the Investment?

Some of the classiest, most exotic, and highly durable handbags on the market are made by YSL. A good example is the Sac de Jour, known for its exotic ensemble and high-quality leather. Meanwhile, if the Sac de Jour design is not to your taste, here are some other options to choose from.

Le Maillon

This bag is the newest collection produced by Saint Laurent, featuring an understated sophistication and a line featuring polished pieces. It features signature gold chain hardware that gives the collection a stylish and practical outlook.

It is available in different hues and silhouettes, so you’re bound to find a style that matches your taste. The Le Maillon features two main internal compartments and slit and zippered pockets that ensure easy organization.


The Kate bag is one of the most popular, recognizable, and glamorous bags associated with the Saint Laurent brand. It has an elegant silhouette, a compact, wallet-like interior, and a detachable thin chain shoulder strap.

The detachable strap makes the bag practical because you can wear it in different ways, including as a clutch. The featured chain tassel hanging below the iconic YSL emblem is one of the bag’s most striking features.


The Becky bag is a highly-versatile YSL bag and perfect for those who need a bag they can use day and night. It is rectangular, featuring a diamond-quilted leather finish, a chain strap, and the signature YSL emblem at the center.

The bag is spacious, meaning you can carry all your essentials in two separate compartments. Its zipped pocket on its white leather ensures your valuables are preserved and kept safe.


The Kaia is the latest It bag from the brand, named after the young supermodel Kaia Gerber, daughter of Cindy Crawford. She was the inspiration behind the design, most likely because it has been a runway regular for the French house.

The Kaia features a satchel-like appearance with a rounded bottom; it is available in mini and small sizes.

The Sunset

YSL’s Sunset bag features a sleek design, a symbol of class and refinement, and a double interior compartment for keeping things organized. Its professional finish of a sturdy square construction complements its glossy mock crocodile leather or opulent buffed matte leather finish.

It features a detachable leather tag, a chain strap, and YSL’s signature insignia.

Is Sac De Jour Any Good?

Since its launch in 2013 during the tenure of its former creative director, Hedi Slimane, the Sac de Jour has remained a cult classic. It remains an It bag and a cult hit among accessories aficionados, often referred to as the “bag of the day”.

The iconic bag has a classic, well-structured silhouette featuring accordion side panels which can be extended to fit more items. Some unique features of the bag worthy of mention include the handy keychain on the interior and concealed padlock on a detachable lanyard.

The Sac De Jour comes in different colors, although many of the brand’s customers prefer the classic black and gray. The first generation of this collection featured substantial bags lined in suede and heavy.

As the years rolled by, the brand introduced more sizes, added a shoulder strap, and removed the suede lining altogether. These changes made it more functional than ever, maintaining its well-made structure made with top-tier materials.

How to Authenticate YSL Sac De Jour

To ensure you’re getting the real YSL Sac de Jour, start by observing the leather quality, handle attachments, measurements, and tags. Then, closely observe the bag’s lettering, sides, and stitching; ensure you check everything to be sure.

Then, investigate the label, padlock, magnetic closure, and buckle; you’re looking for any form of irregularity and inconsistency. Finally, you can compare the bag you have with the ones on the brand’s official website to be sure.


The YSL is undoubtedly a versatile and highly functional bag, perfect for casual and formal environments. However, if it isn’t your style or you have it already and want to try another, the ones listed are amazing. They offer similar functionality to the YSL and are also high-quality; the difference is the design and price ranges.

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