Are Valentino Rockstud Shoes a Wide Feet Fit?

There is a slight controversy as to whether Valentino Rockstuds are wide feet or not. However, the point that took the most votes was that Valentino Rockstuds are not wide feet. Most people who wore the footwear and were wide-footed said it wasn’t. That’s not surprising, considering most designer shoes are narrow feet.

Are Valentino Shoes Comfortable for Wide Feet?

Valentino shoes run true to size, but they are narrow in structure. Valentino shoes are reported by several of the brand’s consumers to be uncomfortable on wide feet. However, they get comfortable if worn repeatedly for a long time. However, it takes a while before the shoes get comfortable enough to wear for an outing. That means until your feet adjust or the shoes expand; you have to manage the blisters.

Valentino flats are generally more comfortable on wide feet than stilettos, although they need some getting used to. Most designer shoes, including Valentino, design their footwear to be narrow.

How Can You Spot a Fake Valentino Rockstud?

There are several ways you can detect that a Valentino Rockstud so-called is not Valentino’s. You can spot a fake Valentino from the overall look of the Rockstuds to their sizing to their stud method. Some of the ways you can tell a real Valentino Rockstud apart from a fake include:

  • Authentic Valentino Rockstuds shine, but they don’t go over the top. The shine of original Valentino Rockstuds is classy, not overdoing it; fakes tend to overdo the shine.
  • Take a look at the design of the Valentino Rockstud; it should be flawless. If there are inconsistencies, such as the straps being too thin or the color being too bright, you’re dealing with a Valentino wannabe.
  • The platinum-finish studs on Valentino studs are small-sized, impeccably positioned, and evenly spaced. Counterfeits are usually too big, too shiny, not positioned at the center, or missing a spot.

Do Valentino Rockstuds Run Big?

No, Valentino Rockstuds do not run big. However, Valentino products typically run half size below the listed size, and Valentino Rockstuds are not exceptions. When shopping for Valentino Rockstuds, you should choose half a size above your normal size. However, as far as French sizing is concerned, Valentino Rockstuds run true to size.

Are Valentino Shoes Worth It?

Valentino shoes are said to be worth every penny spent on them. The shoes are elegant, stylish and would make a gorgeous addition to any wardrobe. If you’re looking for quality, timeless style, and class, Valentino shoes have something to say about each of those things.

Valentino shoes are expensive, and for a good reason. The brand uses some of the finest materials of high quality for its shoes. If your budget agrees with your cravings, go ahead and get Valentino shoes; they are worth the money. Moreover, Valentino shoes are easy to put on and pull off. Valentino shoes have block heels, making them comfortable to be worn over a long period. 


Valentino Rockstuds are uncomfortable on wide feet as they are narrow in structure, like most designer footwear. They get comfortable after a while, but that may be a very long while.

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