Are Telfar Bags Worth It?

Telfar Bags are the It bags today, setting trends in the fashion world and making the internet buzz. The bags are widely loved for their functionality, versatility, and how they give you value for your money.

Since the Telfar designer brand, which has Beyonce’s seal of approval, became known, it has become the go-to brand for many.

The brand has many outstanding accessories in its arsenal, but the Telfar shopping bag or Bushwick Birkin is one of the most popular.

The downside to the bags is that they are always sold out – that’s how wanted they are in the fashion industry. On the other hand, the bags are appreciated for their relatively affordable prices and simple yet exotic and luxurious design. The bags were released in 2014, and they popularized the market and sold out as soon as they hit the market.

So if you’re thinking about buying a designer bag, naturally, you want to know if it’ll be worth your money.

Are Telfar Bags Good Quality?

If you’re a fan of vegan leather, then you’ll find Telfar bags to be what you’re looking for. The bags are made from high-quality vegan leather, featuring quite roomy medium and large sizes.

The smaller-sized Telfar bags are great for hand carriage, while the longer ones have straps long enough to be worn as shoulder and crossbody bags.

In addition, the bags’ straps’ stitching features outstanding craftsmanship as they are durably stitched, ensuring they stand the test of time.

The bags’ stitching is well done and can withstand everyday use, particularly if you’re a heavy bag user. In addition, the durability and quality of Telfar bags are impressive because even if you wear them often, they don’t give way.

The only downside to the bags is that the straps are not detachable, limiting how they can be carried. Nevertheless, they’re ideal for heavy bag users and vegan fashion enthusiasts looking for durable and high-quality bags.

What Are the Most Popular Telfar Bags?

Telfar bags are a sensation on the internet among fashion enthusiasts, but some are more popular than others. So what are some of the most popular Telfar bags that you can peacefully invest in now?

Telfar Large Black Shopping Bag

The black staple color of this bag is one of the reasons it is so popular. These bags are high in demand but hard to get, but they are indeed worthy of being shown off. The bag is large enough to be used as a travel or carry-on handbag, with dimensions measuring 14.25” T x 19.25” W x 8” D.

Telfar Small Orange Shopping Bag

The bag’s orange color is bright, loud, and very conspicuous, perfect for grabbing dinner or going out to a party. The bag has been seen on Bella Hadid, who was spotted carrying it while running errands in New York.

Telfar Cream Shopping Bag

The Large Cream shopping bag from Telfar is a classic, highly versatile handbag that you can pair with any color. The cream color is perfect for fashion enthusiasts who don’t really like loud colors or need a bag for work.

Telfar White Shopping Bag

Telfar’s white shopping bag is a versatile handbag you can pair with a dress and go out on a dinner date. Selena Gomez and Sonja Morgan have been spotted wearing this bag, although in different sizes.

What Makes Telfar Bags So Popular and Wanted?

Micro-mini bags have held the spot of “It” bags in fashion for a while now; Telfar bags are changing that. The fashion world can’t get enough of these bags because they are making tote bags the hottest accessories yet again.

Telfar has a long line of many breathtaking products, including shoes and apparel, but the bags stand out. None of the bag’s products is as loved as the cult-favorite item, the Shopping Bag.

The bags are more than the average, eye-catching expensive tote they appear to be, which isn’t why people love them. Instead, they are loved because the bags stand for inclusivity, embodying more than just a fashion statement.

The brand owner, Telfar Clemens, is a sheer individual who creates unisex clothing challenging the common notions of masculinity. The bags’ fanbase comprises celebrities, including Selena Gomez, Bella Hadid, and Oprah Winfrey.

Who Owns Telfar?

Telfar Clemens owns the Telfar brand and is its creative director; he established the eponymous fashion house in 2005. Clemens is a queer, self-taught designer of color who hails from Queens, New York, who launched a genderless brand.

From the day the brand was made, its collections have been unisex; Clemens launched the brand long before androgynous clothing became a norm in fashion. He redesigned White Castle’s uniforms in 2017 and released a capsule collection soon after.

The capsule collection was created to pay homage to the New York City neighborhoods in which the chain was found. All the money from selling the capsule was used to bail minors out of Rikers Island, which is remarkable. 

The Telfar brand has grown to have a dedicated and cult-like following under Clemens’s leadership over the years. His e CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund award thrust him further into the fashion spotlight.

How Can You Authenticate a Telfar Bag?

You can authenticate an authentic Telfar bag, distinguishing it from a fake, using its logo, shape, material, straps, and stitching. Below are different ways by which you can tell if the Telfar bag you’re buying is authentic.

  • There should be a single debossed logo resembling a T inside a C at the front of the bag;
  • The material of the bag should be 100% vegan leather and feature a synthetic twill interior;
  • Every Telfar bag has a boxy, structured silhouette;
  • Telfar bags are stitched with a machine; the stitching is at a 45o angle on the bag’s bottom corners;
  • There should be two types of straps on the bags – the double top handles and double shoulder straps.


Telfar Bags are worth the investment if you’re a fan of vegan leather and simple but luxurious designs. The brand already has a band of affordable yet exotic bag collections, with more scheduled to come out soon.

However, if you want to get the bag, you may want to buy directly from the brand because vendors often double the original price. The problem is that the bags are hardly available at the brand; they’re always sold out.

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