Are Louis Vuitton Clothes Worth It?

Although Louis Vuitton is majorly known for making handbags, it makes equally high-quality clothes worth buying. The LV brand has some pretty strong business policies through which its clothing line is empowering the clothing market worldwide.

As with its handbags, Louis Vuitton’s clothes constitute some of the most expensive in the fashion industry globally. However, the price of the clothes is worth it because they are unique and high-quality, which explains why they’re always in demand.

The quality of Louis Vuitton clothes is such that even when it gives discounts on them, the brand doesn’t lose its fame. The LV brand offers its customers the best-handcrafted clothes featuring high-quality, expensive raw materials.

So, if you can stomach the vastly-high price of Louis Vuitton clothes, rest assured you won’t be wasting money.

Does Louis Vuitton’s Clothing Provide Status and Exclusivity?

One of the reasons Louis Vuitton’s clothing line is so expensive is because they offer exclusivity and status.

As you must know, being a fashion enthusiast and all, these two elements characterize a luxury brand. A brand is not considered a true luxury brand if it doesn’t offer exclusivity and status – in addition to high prices. Thus, you’re sure to get status and exclusivity from Louis Vuitton clothes if that’s what you’re looking for.

Louis Vuitton doesn’t serve the public; it only offers its items to those who can afford them. But, if you can afford it, owning a Luxury Vuitton cloth is equal to being part of LV’s rich cultural heritage.

Its products have been known to make people feel special and part of the exclusive part of the fashion world. That’s why Louis Vuitton can charge so much on a piece of clothing and still make more sales than some who charge less.

Owning a Louis Vuitton clothing piece is more than just purchasing a simple cloth; it’s about investing in quality.

If you own a piece of luxury clothing, you get a sense of accomplishment, especially since LV is a recognized brand worldwide.

Why Do LV Clothes Cost So Much?

Several things combine to make Louis Vuitton’s clothes cost as much as they do. One of those is that the clothes are handmade by a group of the best artisans in the fashion world.

In addition, Louis Vuitton ensures each of its clothing pieces features its rich French heritage, which symbolizes class on its own. The service of talented artisans like that has to cost some, don’t you agree?

Another reason the clothes are so expensive is the raw materials used. Louis Vuitton uses premium raw materials for its clothes, and each piece undergoes thorough testing to ensure quality.

As a result, a lot goes into the production process of Louis Vuitton’s clothes, from their design to pattern making. Also, the brand spends a lot of money on great marketing shows, stories, and videos, and it has to get it back somehow.

Sometimes, the high cost of luxury pieces has to do with maintaining the same level as the current luxury market. The costs of Louis Vuitton’s clothes have to be high to maintain the brand’s image and brand positioning.

Meanwhile, the brand has spent years building its name by selling class, style, trust, and satisfaction. Louis Vuitton’s customers will buy its clothes no matter the price because of their confidence in the brand.

Are Louis Vuitton Clothes High Quality?

Quality is one of the most significant factors that qualify Louis Vuitton’s fashion pieces, including its clothes. While the clothes may appear like they’re made from ordinary cotton, cotton has different grades.

The difference between prima cotton and regular cotton is substantial; only those who understand luxury goods can appreciate the difference. However, if you have experience with authentic luxury goods, you will appreciate the quality of Louis Vuitton clothes.

Luxury clothing like LV’s are addictive in that once you have a taste of them, you don’t want to go back. Moreover, the clothes feature impressive manufacturing details; Louis Vuitton shirts, for example, are nicely fitted.

Part of the process of making its clothes is establishing the measurements, and this takes a lot of research. LV takes time to study and find the perfect width around the stomach, hip, ribcage, etc.

Furthermore, Louis Vuitton clothes are hand-sewn; you will see tighter stitching that is harder to do on a machine. The positioning of the buttons on the brand’s shirts also makes it possible to look good with a few buttons out.

Finally, the premium materials the clothes are made from and their craftsmanship make them impressively durable.

How Can You Spot Fake Louis Vuitton Clothing?

If you’re buying an LV cloth for the first time, be prepared to find knockoffs when you go shopping. Despite its best efforts, the French luxury fashion company cannot control the number of counterfeits created in its name.

So, to ensure you’re not spending thousands on knockoffs, authenticate your Louis Vuitton clothes in these steps.

  • Check the waist or neck tag of the cloth; most Louis Vuitton clothes read “LOUIS VUITTON PARIS.” Check the thickness of the text; it shouldn’t be too thick, have too wavy letters, and the orange threads should be straight. The original LV cloth has the proper text shaping, with all the threads placed in straight lines.
  • Check the wash tags containing information on how you should wash the cloth. An authentic LV clothing piece should have a boldly written logo – thick and wide. Then check the text at the bottom side of the wash tack; it is often thinner in authentic LV clothes than in the knockoffs.


Louis Vuitton is an iconic luxury handbag maker that sells high-quality fashion clothing pieces that are considered an investment. The clothes feature the cultural heritage of the French brand carefully woven into their fabrics, indicating luxury, status, and class.

Owning a Louis Vuitton shirt is considered a privilege in the fashion industry; it is the quickest way to gain respect. If you can afford the high price tags on Louis Vuitton clothes, you will find them worth the investment.

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