Are Goyard Bags Worth It?

Handbags are those fashion objects that are more susceptible to the chaotic rollercoaster of the modern trend cycle. Goyard is one of the iconic brands that got the memo of how outstanding a designer bag has to be.

Great bags like this change season after season, and each brand has to ensure its products still thrive. As a result, Goyard bags are considered a secret little investment, regardless of what style you purchase – and there are many.

Goyard bags aren’t the type of investment you’d immediately think of making as soon as you see them. However, they are a must-buy, mainly because those bags have a unique position in the handbag market.

Although the oldest bag-making fashion house, Goyard is little-known; still, it has a loyal and stable fan base. The brand doesn’t lack people looking for Goyard bags on the resale market; they have exceptional retail value.

Is the Goyard St. Louis Bag Worth It?

The Goyard St. Louis tote is one of the brand’s most iconic bags; it is a versatile bag. The bag’s versatility is such that you can use it for work and travel.

A remarkable feature of the bag worthy of mention is that it is durable and tends to hold form. You could use the Goyard St. Louis tote as many times a week as you want, and it’ll not slouch.

The tote features straps that don’t show signs of wear or tear after a while of use. Additionally, its canvas stays in excellent condition – provided you don’t subject it to more assault than it can handle.

Another top feature of the bag is its spaciousness; it is big enough to carry a 16-inch laptop and pouches, among other things. There is more than enough room in the Goyard St Louis tote to hold these items and more.

Goyard bags are beautiful, and the St. Louis bag is a practical example, although it depends on your style preference. The bags are durable, definitely a classic, and spacious enough to hold a ton.

The tip of the cake is that they don’t cost as much as Louis Vuitton’s Neverfull, and they’re just as beautiful. The little downside to the St. Louis tote is that the straps dig into your skin and become uncomfortable when the bag’s heavy.

Are Goyard Bags More Expensive than Louis Vuitton?

Louis Vuitton and Goyard are the two oldest bag-making brands in the industry, with LV coming only a year after Goyard. They’re both the go-to brands when you’re looking for designer handbags that’ll hold form and remain stylish for a long period.

However, Goyard bags are typically less expensive than Louis Vuitton’s bags. A Louis Vuitton bag made with everyday but high-quality materials costs between $1,100 and $6,000.

Louis Vuitton bags made with exotic leather like python, crocodile, and others cost more, ranging between $10,000 and $100,000. On the other hand, Goyard tote bags can cost between $1,200 and $2,500, although there are more expensive options.

The cost of a Goyard bag depends on the color and design you choose and your customizing choice. The prices of Goyard bags are comparable to other mid-range designer bags, and they depend on whether they’re a classic or remarkable color.

There are no details online concerning the prices of Goyard bags except for those who have bought them before. The St. Louis GM tote, for example, was reported to have retailed for $1,100 in 2017; it’s obviously higher now.

If you need details on the cost of a Goyard tote, you’ll need to purchase one from any of their stores. You can also get a pre-owned Goyard handbag if you want, but we recommend buying it from a trustworthy vendor.

Is Goyard a Good Brand for Bags?

The Goyard brand has been in existence since 1792, although it existed under a different name then. Its name was changed after Francois Goyard purchased it from its founder’s successor in 1853. Goyard has been making since it started, which makes it the oldest leather goods maker still in business.

With more than a century of experience making leather bags, Goyard is an excellent brand to trust for quality designer bags.

However, the brand’s experience alone is no indication that it is a good brand for stylish handbags. After all, there’s a good chance that the brand is still using its old style, which is way outdated for this era. Since its inception, Goyard has gone through a series of revolutions, so it doesn’t operate the same way it did years ago.

At the same time, not much has changed in the Goyard brand in the past few decades.

Goyard prides itself on discretion and consistency and goes steps ahead to put its money where its mouth is. Unlike many fashion houses, Goyard doesn’t pay lip service to its brand values while doing nothing to demonstrate them.

Instead, the Goyard brand sticks with the same excellence it exhibited when it first started, the same excellence that put it on the map. These characteristics make for a genuinely unique sopping experiment in the luxury leather market today, which is what we’re looking for.

A Little About Goyard’s History

The Goyard brand started in 1853, just a year before Louis Vuitton, but the house itself dates back to 1792. The house was initially named Martin and Morel after its founder, Pierre-Francois Martin, but Francois Goyard purchased it in 1853.

The Martin and Morel brand specialized in box-making, trunks, and packing and focused on packing garments and delicate items. The house hired 17-year-old Francois Goyard, who worked for thirty years and then handed it over to his son, Edmond Goyard.

Signoles bought the house in 1998 with the same passion for high-quality craftsmanship and production. After ten years under his leadership, Goyard became a brand known for timeless elegance, exclusivity, and craftsmanship.


Goyard bags are a symbol of what designer bags should be about. They feature the excellence and high-quality status the brand prides itself on and is known for. Goyard bags feature high-quality leather material, with prices differing according to color and customers’ customizing options. Goyard is the oldest leather-making brand still operating today with the same elegance and excellence it started with.

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