Are Coach Outlet Bags Lower Quality

The short answer, yes! Coach Outlet has actually lower quality than its main site. Coach Outlet uses a different cut of leather because it’s cheaper and not as sturdy and durable as the leather they use for the main Coach bags.

With that said, it’s not a large problem for someone who wants a bag for their daily life.

The leather is a bit harder than the regular leather, or, as it’s called, supple leather, but, importantly, it’s leather! Customers are using reports that they have been using the bag daily for over a year, carrying all daily necessities inside, almost abusing the bag, but the hard leather has kept its good looks and lived up to the needs of everyday life.

The bags are different in design and also done in different production lines. The Coach Boutique and Retails bags are made out of a material that is rather expensive, i.e. the top-layer cow leather, a leather type that is very delicate and durable. There is a large amount of workmanship invested in each bag.

What’s the difference between Coach and Coach Outlet?

Both stores are selling genuine Coach products, the big difference is that Coach Outlet is highly reduced in price in comparison with Coach, sometimes up to 85% discounted.

That’s something for the great design! Coach on the other hand is the retail part which has luxury items of great quality. The retail stores are often located in high-end areas to increase the consumers’ perception of the brand.


The cheapest small bags can be found at around $75 and usually up to $600. Coach Outlet bags are often priced between $50 and $299. On top of the Coach Outlet prices, they often have discount codes and offers running, 30% is not unusual.

When you buy a Coach bag, you will see a model number on the price tag, meanwhile, the Outlet bags have an F in the number.

Sometimes you can also see differences in the logo. Coach Outlet logos have “Coach” written on them. Coach bags are usually with the image of a carriage.

It’s not only the logo design that differs, it’s also the design. The retail stores are famous for having few and new models on display.

They are also bolder and more exclusive. Coach Outlet collections have a specially made collection where the design is more simplistic and not too much bling.

The packages vary rather much as well. Coach bags are fully packaged, including transparent plastic and dust-proof bags. Sometimes you can even get lucky and receive a small and elegant gift.

Coach Outlet packages are more simplistic with a plastic bag. However, both options will be provided with a care card and price tag.


Coach Outlet bags do not have the same quality as regular Coach bags. With that said, the quality is still sufficient and Coach Outlet is a great store for everyone that loves the brand, but don’t want or can invest in a retail Coach bag.

It’s a good choice for everyone that is looking for affordable luxurious handbags.

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