Affordable Luxury Clothing Brands

Affordable luxury trends are changing, and so are the brands that are offering great products for even greater prices.

The democratization of producing goods that are sustainable, durable and beautiful has enabled shoppers to not only consume new affordable luxury clothing brands, but also buy brands that have, from a traditional perspective, been expensive.

The number of contemporary labels that are on the growth now help all of us that are looking for a unique, yet pleasing outfit. These brands on the rise are actually offering a pricing point more than often in between affordable and luxury.

The Affordable Luxury Clothing Brands List

St. Agni

St Agni is an Australian contemporary label that was founded by a couple in Byron Bay. They are producing clothes that are elegant and somewhat classical, but also timeless.

The brand is offering footwear, accessories and clothing. All pieces are made look minimalistic that reflects the Australian lifestyle of freedom.

St Agni is also a responsible company where they try to minimize their impact on the environment by using locally produced sources of material and minimizing the usage of plastic. All deliveries are e.g. shipped in reusable dust bags.

If you’re looking for something simple, unique and elegant, check them out!


The Frenchman Simon Porte founded his brand when he was 19 years old. He is considered a mastermind within the field of creatives when he introduced his newest collection of accessories in Paris in 2017. The world instantaneously got the attention.

The colors and shapes are different and more playful. This is a brand for all of us that wants to show off and have something that is sticking out compared to the old.

Jacquemus is offering bags of various sorts, ranging from Mini Bags, Tote Bags, Shoulder Bags, Top-Handle Bags, Belt Bags and Micro Bags.

Baum und Pferdgarten

The Nordic and Danish brand Baum und Pferdgarten is a sustainable and earth-friendly brand. The brand is aiming to improve its manufacturing and decrease the carbon footprint, help people all over the world the planet and the animals. It’s quite a statement!

The clothing that Baum und Pferdgartenis offering is an intertwined style of classic and avantgardist look. The contemporary dresses are of high quality and are for women with “irony and humour” and a “touch of playfulness and quirkiness” according to the founders Rikke Baumgarten and Helle Hestehave.

Phoebe Grace

The contemporary brand from London is a story about a daughter and a mother. Phoebe Grace is the daughter’s name which inspired the mother, Jen Grace, that got inspired by her daughter’s studies in the field of textile design.

The brand is trying to interlace timeless design with nostalgic prints that give the dresses a quite retro and contemporary feeling. It’s almost the 60s over the feeling with colorful blooms.

The brand is also forward-thinking with the environment in mind. One collection is completely made out of recycled plastic bottles. They are using a printing process that reduces water waste.


The French brand Ba&sh is a relatively new brand within the affordable luxury space that is more focused on “rock n roll”, not in the sense that you’re thinking, but in a luxury and bohemian way, in some strange combination.

The founders, Barbara Boccara and Sharon Krief, states that they wanted to create a brand for women like themselves, real women. Not in the sense of making a statement about what a real woman is, but rather to eliminate all the things that bothered the founders with the available alternatives. That could be some itchy part of the item, shapes that aren’t fitting properly, and so on.

Lately, the brand has been recognized by the large player, they even got LVMH to invest in the company.

Faithfull The Brand

The Australian-Balinese brand Faithfull The Brand has been on the radar throughout this summer, and no wonder though! They are offering beautiful pieces with floral prints. Influencers have gathered around the brand as it’s not only great quality and affordable luxury, but also social media-friendly with all of its colors and prints.

The Duchess of Cambridge helped the brand somewhat on the way as well. In June last year, the Duchess showed up in one of Faithfull The Brand’s dresses on social media.

The brand itself is based in Bali and each piece is dyed by hand, manufactured sustainable and made by local artisans.

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