About Us

Democratic Luxe is an online media company that is exploring how luxury can be enjoyed by everyone. Whether that is through new trends, brand reviews or product explorations.

There is a trend in society that is allowing anyone to find luxury goods at affordable prices. We call it the Democratization of Luxury. Join us today to be part of the movement.


Our Authors

Samantha is the Editorial Director at Democratic Luxe. She has a Master's Degree in Journalism from New York University and has five years of experience as a journalist at various publications in the US. Samantha loves luxury fashion, especially the brands that stick out.

Samantha has been following the trend of democratization of the luxury fashion industry for the past 3 years. She's an expert when it comes to online shopping, finding quality deals and brand reputation.

Samantha Carlson

Editorial Director

About the Company

Democratic Luxe is part of Ora & Sti Ventures, a digital media company with its mission to enable the democratization of luxury.

Contact us at contact@democraticluxe.com

Join us today to be part of the movement.